Veteran Indy Racing League driver Richie Hearn took a spin ¿ dozens of them, actually ¿ around Las Vegas Motor Speedway Tuesday evening in a car owned by Sam Schmidt. For Hearn, it was the first time behind the wheel of a racecar since injuring his right foot in a crash at an IRL race at Kentucky Speedway in August. "It felt really good," said Hearn, who turns 32 in January. "Mentally, I knew I could still drive. My foot's at 95%. Although the bone is still bruised, it gave me no problem." Hearn was asked about his racing plans. "Of course, I want to get back to racing. Hopefully, Sam will have a program together and we'll race next year at Homestead. If not, then Indy." Hearn also was asked what it's like to work for a man who's visited victory lane himself. As a former driver, does Sam exert extra pressure on Richie to perform, or does he understand the trails and tribulations of a driver better than an owner who never has raced? "For Sam, it's lots of fun. He gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. He knows what I'm going thorough and he understands. He believes in me and knows I'm trying as hard as I can. As a driver, he can understand and address certain issues. There's no extra pressure." "He did great ¿ everything's fine," said Schmidt. "It's like falling off a horse. After about 30 laps, he was running flat out." Hearn competed in LVMS' inaugural race in 1996 (the then-fledgling IRL's Las Vegas 500k) and later moved to Henderson.