Las Vegas native Kyle Busch came from dead last to win the Shelby 427 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On Friday, Busch broke the track's qualifying record and won the pole. But Busch's team was forced to change the engine in his Joe Gibbs Racing M&M's Toyota during practice and he was forced to start the Shelby 427 from the rear of the field.

"This is pretty awesome.  It's very special," said Kyle.  "You never really know how special they can be until you actually get it done.

"Today was very, very cool.  The last 25, 30 laps, I was just as nervous as could be.  Wasn't really all that great at hitting my marks.  I was hitting them good enough, I guess.  Fortunately we ran that many caution laps there at the end.  That helped, too.

"We started out, had to go to the back.  Methodically thought our way through there, fought our way through there.  Just worked on everybody one car at a time.  We had to work on our car a lot, too.  It was really, really loose in the beginning.  I wasn't sure if that was all me or if it was all car from getting loose yesterday and wrecking yesterday.

"I told myself, ‘You better man up and drive this thing or else we're not going to go anywhere.'  Fortunately we stayed on the lead lap the whole day, again kept plugging away, working on it.  There at the end, getting those guys caught on pit road sort of helped us.  Got them back behind us, got us further forward that we didn't have to race the great cars.  I didn't think we were that great, but we were pretty good. It was a phenomenal effort from everybody at Toyota, JGR, everybody on the team."