Las Vegas Motor Speedway will host the last day of the inaugural Leadfoot Rally Clunkerball Run cross-country race on Saturday, Aug. 1. The 13-hour race, which started in Pueblo, Colo., will end on the high banks of the superspeedway and also will feature an organized reverse lap driven to honor fallen U.S. soldiers.

The cross-country race will be the final stage of the Leadfoot Rally competition, made up of six events that encompass all major forms of motorsports. The rally began on July 28 with opening ceremonies, followed by two full days of racing competitions including drag racing, Formula One-style road racing and more.

"Leadfoot Rally drivers will test their skills and fortitude in cars fit for the current economy," said Chuck Stovall Jr., creator of the Leadfoot Rally. "The racecars can be any model, any make, any type as long as they are street-legal and cost less than $2,500.00. Half of the challenge of the Leadfoot Rally is keeping your racecar together and eventually crossing the finish line in Las Vegas."

All proceeds from the Leadfoot Rally will go to support America's military families and hospitalized veterans through the Denver Fisher House and the Fisher House Foundation.

For more information on the Leadfoot Rally, please contact Chuck Stovall Jr. at (303) 396-3759 or visit