All vehicles must be removed from Lot 7 by 9 p.m. each night of the event (except for Sunday night). 

Arrival to Lot 7 (click map below to enlarge)

Follow I-15 to Speedway Blvd - exit 54. This is a 3-lane ramp. Use the LEFT LANE or CENTER LANE on the exit ramp. Stay in your lane on the exit ramp until you pass through the intersection into Blue lot. Following the Lot 7 signs, proceed on the paved road in either of the designated lanes to Lot 7. When you make the right turn for Lot 7, proceed south all the way until you pass through the opening in the concrete blocks. Lot 7 is located in the lower half of Quadrants A-B-C; do not stop short of the concrete blocks. The parking attendants will then check your Lot 7 pass and direct you to your space. Note: Vehicles with handicap placards MUST use the "A" quadrant. 

Departure from Las Vegas Motor Speedway (click map below to enlarge)

Vehicles with Lot 7 passes will be directed south out of the Blue lot using Parking Gates 12, 13, and 14. DO NOT attempt to exit Lot 7 by travelling north where you entered, because these gates will be blocked.

Cars in the "A" quadrant will be directed out of parking gate 12 and through the Speedway Commerce Center for access to Hollywood Blvd. From there you will travel south on Las Vegas Blvd in the southbound shoulder lane. At Craig Rd you will turn right. (Tip: If you are traveling to the Strip, consider turning left on Lamb Rd, approximately 1 mile after you get on Craig. Follow Lamb - it turns into Desert Inn - all the way to the Strip area.)

 Cars in the "B" and "C" quadrants will be directed out of parking gates 13 or 14 and west on Speedway Blvd for direct access to I-15 south.

Inbound and Outbound Lot 7 Maps - Click to enlarge

 Lot 7 OutboundLot 7 Inbound