United States Air Force Airman 1st Class Jeremy Orozco picked a great night to take home his first career victory at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Orozco, who is stationed at neighboring Nellis Air Force Base, outdueled a feisty group of NASCAR Super Stock drivers to win the 25-lap feature on the Night of Fire on Saturday night. The Las Vegas resident crossed the line .926 of a second ahead of Robert Negrete to secure the maiden win at the 3/8-mile paved oval.

Orozco was thrilled to make a Night of Fire victory part of his Fourth of July weekend.

"This is my second time here, and I finished second the first time, but we were looking for a little bit more today," Orozco said. "The 29 car was really fast too, and having clean air was huge. It really helped us a whole lot."

Justin Johnson pulled off an impressive dynamic double by winning the 76-lap Spirit of '76 NASCAR Super Late Models feature roughly an hour after also taking the 25-lap NASCAR Grand American Modifieds race. Johnson, a former NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, is fourth all-time on The Bullring's wins list with 47.

He held off Chris Trickle in the Spirit of '76 to finish his busy night with a clean sweep.

"I knew (Trickle) was a little bit better on the short runs, but this car woke up on the long runs," Johnson said. "So, I knew I had to get away as soon as possible. Thanks to my family, thanks to all of the fans, and God bless America."

The short track's best-attended event also included a 10-lap skid plate car race that was won by Robert Smotherman, a waterless boat race won by Dallas Simonette and a huge fireworks show.

Ivins, Utah, police officer Nick Nuccitelli survived a crash-laden NASCAR Bombers Breakout race for his second division win of the year. Nuccitelli avoided a stop-and-go penalty by not eclipsing the 20-second barrier on any lap to secure the win, which came after a big crash cut the race to 22 laps.

"I honestly have no idea (about the time)," Nuccitelli said of the barrier. "All you do is keep racing, and the people who are racing behind you are pushing you to move forward. It's an action-packed division, it's an awesome division, and I'm just proud to represent the Bombers class and The Bullring."

Chris "Spanky" Bosley pulled away for his fifth win of 2016 in the USLCI Thunder Cars 20-lap feature. He built his lead to 5.745 seconds and took the checkered flag ahead of Travis Boyle.

"It's always the biggest show of the season with fireworks and families coming out to fill up the stands," Bosley said of the Night of Fire. "I know this track and know the line, and I work real hard and just do my best."

Cameron Morga drove a strong race en route to his fifth USLCI Legends win of the season, finishing .631 of a second ahead of Donny St. Ours. Morga also was pulling double duty at the Night of Fire, and he finished fourth in the NASCAR Grand American Modifieds feature.

"I had Donny St. Ours here helping me, and he's run double duty here before," said of doubling up in the races. "He taught me a couple of tricks and things to do to help me. I was trying to push myself as hard as I could in the first race, but I made sure I still had enough to run this race."

Jesse Love of Redwood City, Calif., broke R.J. Smotherman's nine-race winning streak by taking the USLCI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature. It was Love's first Bullring victory, and Smotherman finished second, 4.413 seconds back.

Ethan DeGuevara earned his fourth career Bullring win after crossing the line first in the 12-lap USLCI Bandolero Outlaws feature. DeGuevara, of Las Vegas, finished 2.708 seconds clear of Camden Larsen to make the Bandoleros' races a sweep for No. 31 cars.

NEXT RACE: The Bullring will host the Keith Danser Kids Candy Toss on Saturday, Aug. 27, after taking a seven-week break to avoid the summer heat. NASCAR Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Bombers and Grand American Modifieds and USLCI Legends, Bandoleros and Thunder Cars, as well as skid plate cars, will be in action.

Night of Fire
Complete results


USLCI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature
1. Jesse Love; 2. R.J. Smotherman (-4.413 seconds); 3. Jaron Giannini (-6.286); 4. Amilleo Thomson (-10.864); 5. Sabastian Lafia (-11.764); 6. Cody Brown (-16.527); 7. Tuscan Nuccitelli (-1 lap).

USLCI Bandolero Outlaws 12-lap feature
1. Ethan DeGuevara; 2. Camden Larsen (-2.708 seconds); 3. Matthew Cunningham (-4.797); 4. Tia Guy (-10.571); 5. Kayla Eshleman (-15.222); 6. Cameron Guy (-1 lap).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature
1. Jeremy Orozco; 2. Robert Negrete (-.926 of a second); 3. Joe DeGuevara (-1.352); 4. Johnny Spilotro (-1.792); 5. Tom Pfundstein (-3.681); 6. Dylin Smotherman (-5.255); 7. Don Sargent (-6 laps); 8. Matt Larsen (-24 laps).

USLCI Thunder Cars 20-lap feature
1. Chris Bosley; 2. Travis Boyle (-5.745 seconds); 3. Mark Anderson (-6.095); 4. Robert Gaydon (-6.329); 5. Ed Hohman (-8.994); 6. Nick D'Egidio (-9.173); 7. Doug Germano (-14.623); 8. Darin Callaway (-15.344).

NASCAR Grand American Modifieds 25-lap feature
1. Justin Johnson; 2. Vinny Raucci Jr. (-2.232 seconds); 3. Doug Hamm (-3.184); 4. Cameron Morga (-4.135); 5. Pat Petrie (-7.104); 6. Chris Clyne (-10 laps); 7. Tom Pfundstein (-10 laps).

NASCAR Bombers 25-lap Breakout feature
1. Nick Nuccitelli; 2. Sam Jacks (-.134 of a second); 3. Michael Greve (-.419); 4. Billy Hern (-.973); 5. Martin Sullins (-1.206); 6. Cody Maserang (-2.891); 7. Bob Rynda (-3.506); 8. Justin Griffiths (-4.491); 9. Rich Ham (-4.755); 10. Gary Wyatt (-5.115); 11. Arlie Daniel (-6.506); 12. Michael Riefler (-6.796); 13. Scott Bradbury (-10.026); 14. Adam Simon (-10.286); 15. Dennis Feldman (-1 lap); 16. Mark Skinner (-8 laps); 17. Bradley Thompson (-8 laps); 18. Robert Schumacher (-9 laps); 19. Kyle Jacks (-16 laps); 20. Kirk Hance (-17 laps).

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature
1. Cameron Morga; 2. Donny St. Ours (-.631 of a second); 3. Tyler Fabozzi (-3.876); 4. Ian Anderson (-5.758); 5. Robert Gayton (-8.860); 6. T.J. Clark (-9.411); 7. Dezel West (-10.725); 8. Johnny Dressler (-10.813); 9. Gary Scheurell (-10.872); 10. Michael Todd Glazier (-12.018); 11. Caden Carlin (-12.142); 12. Devin Lane (-12.542); 13. Jagger Jones (-15.386); 14. Jeff King (-16.185); 15. Dennis Hadler (-1 lap); 16. Kole Raz (-1 lap); 17. Brian Williams (-1 lap).

NASCAR Super Late Models "Spirit of '76" 76-lap feature
1. Justin Johnson; 2. Chris Trickle (-2.271 seconds); 3. David Anderson (-4.260); 4. Scott Gafforini (-4.951); 5. Dennis Rock Jr. (-6.146); 6. Kayli Barker (-7.251); 7. Steve Anderson (-7.805); 8. Gary Clift (-10.046); 9. Greg Haase (-2 laps); 10. Dee Cable (-4 laps); 11. Chris Clyne (-30 laps); 12. Stan Mullis (-37 laps); 13. Donna Gunther (-52 laps); 14. Warren Knipper (-71 laps).

Skid plate cars 10-lap feature
1. Robert Smotherman; 2. Wyatt Harwood (-7.854 seconds); 3. Billy Paddack Jr. (-2 laps); 4. James Brazzeal (-3 laps); 5. Kevin Jacinth (-9 laps).