(Red Bull press release)

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship has announced its return in 2015, featuring eight stops spanning the globe, including five of the most popular locations from the riveting 2014 season. In addition, the season will visit new locations in Japan and Russia, as well as return to Hungry. In the United States, the series will once again hold races in Fort Worth, Texas and Las Vegas. Each of the eight races of the season will air as a full-length broadcast in the USA on FOX Sports 1, with television times to be announced soon.

The sport's eighth season kicks off on February 13/14 with an opener in Abu Dhabi, and will then continue with a first-ever race in Japan (Chiba) on May 16/17, followed by a stop in another new country, Russia, which will host a race in the sports-focused city of Sochi on May 30/31. Budapest, Hungary - which hosted seven races between 2003 and 2009 - will be back on the calendar with a stop on July 4/5.

The second half of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship season returns to Ascot , Great Britain on August 15/16, before it moves to Spielberg, Austria on September 5/6. The season concludes with two stops in the United States - Fort Worth in Texas on September 26/27 and then the season finale on October 17/18 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

"We're always making efforts to bring the sport to our fans and we're delighted that we can now officially announce that Red Bull Air Race will visit two new countries in 2015. We will race in Japan and Russia, countries full of enthusiastic motorsport and aviation fans and once again Hungary, where the Red Bull Air Race has a great fanbase," said Erich Wolf, General Manager of Red Bull Air Race GmbH.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship sees the world's best pilots put to the test in a pure motorsport competition, combining speed, precision and skill. The pilots use the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes to navigate a predefined, low-level aerial racetrack of air-filled pylons (Air Gates) with the aim of finishing in the fastest time possible, incurring as few penalties as possible.

Ticketing for the 2015 season will start on November 28. All information on www.redbullairrace.com

2015 Race Calendar:
1.    Abu Dhabi, UAE             (13/14 February)
2.    Chiba, Japan             (16/17 May)
3.    Sochi, Russia*            (30 /31 May)
4.    Budapest, Hungary             (4/5 July)
5.    Ascot, Great Britain            (15/16 August)
6.    Spielberg, Austria             (5/6 September)
7.    Fort Worth, Texas, United States     (26/27 September)
8.    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States     (17/18 October)
*to be confirmed

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship airs on FOX Sports 1 as part of a stunning Red Bull global sports series that also includes the Crashed Ice World Championships, Cliff Diving World Series and X-Fighters World Tour.

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