Hey LVMS fans! We have two pairs of Neon Garage passes and two pre-race passes to give away next week! No trivia questions for these. We're going to have a scavenger hunt to give away passes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so get ready!

Tuesday - Two Neon Garage passes
Wednesday - Two Neon Garage passes
Thursday - Two Pre-Race passes

Here's how it will work:

We will hide two passes each day and post the hint on both Facebook and Twitter (at the same time...times to be announced). The first person to follow the clue and find the passes, wins! The winner needs to let us know they found them, so post to Facebook or Twitter that you won and make sure you take your photo with the tickets!

Good luck and thank you for being the best fans ever!


*Please note that winners must have a Saturday or Sunday race ticket to use the passes.
*Tickets are NOT for re-sale.