Instructions - Parental supervision is recommended

Project is rated "easy-to-do."

Apple box for each child (or similar-sized box).
Red, yellow, blue, green, orange paint (suggested colors - you may choose your own).
Paint brush.
Tacky glue.
Box knife.
Colored construction paper (optional decoration).
Metal brads (optional).

How to make it:

1. With bottom side up, cut out square in the middle bid enough for child to step into and pull around waist.
2. Let your imagination go wild as you paint and decorate these cars.
3. Glue two colored plastic plates on each side for wheels. (If you mount the wheels with a brad instead of glue, they will turn.)

Kids ages 1-12 who build their cars in advance and bring them to the Bullring will get in free on June 16. We also will have a table and materials onsite for kids (up to 150) may build their own car at the Bullring.

The Bullring will award "car-show awards" and stage box car races on the track (following the first Super Late Model feature).  Lots of great prizes!

Complete information on Saturday, June 16 at the Bullring:

Information: (702) 632-8213.