Seating Map

Now fans can get a real-life view from their seats in the grandstands of Las Vegas Motor Speedway's superspeedway using the new View from the Seats feature.

Simply choose a grandstand, and then select a section (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Petty Terrace & Earnhardt Terrace) to see an approximate view from the center seat of the middle aisle.

For more information on seating or to purchase tickets, please call 1-800-644-4444.

Petty 101 Petty 102 Petty 103 Petty 104 Petty 105 Petty 106 Petty 107 Petty 108 Petty 109 Petty 110 Petty 111 Petty 112 Petty 113 Petty 114 Section 1A Section 1B Section 1C Section 1D Section 1E Section 1F Section 1G Section 1H Section 1I Section 1J Section 1K Section 1L Section 1M Section 1N
Section 2A Section 2B Section 2C Section 2D Section 2E Section 2F Section 2G Section 2H Section 2I Section 2J Section 2K Section 2L Section 2M Section 2N Section 2O Section 2P Section 2Q Section 2R Section 2S Section 2T Section 2U Section 2V Section 2W Section 2X Section 2Y
Section 3A Section 3B Section 3C Section 3D Section 3E Section 3F Section 3G Section 3H Section 3I Section 3J Section 3K Section 3L Section 3M Section 3N Section 3O Section 3P Section 3Q Section 3R Section 3S Section 3T Earnhardt 300 Earnhardt 301 Earnhardt 302 Earnhardt 303 Earnhardt 304 Earnhardt 305 Earnhardt 306 Earnhardt 307 Earnhardt 308 Earnhardt 309 Earnhardt 310 Earnhardt 311 Earnhardt 312 Earnhardt 313 Earnhardt 314 Earnhardt 315 Earnhardt 316 Earnhardt 317
Section 4A Section 4B Section 4C Section 4D Section 4E Section 4F Section 4G Section 4H Section 4I Section 4J Section 4K Section 4L Section 4M Section 4N Section 4O Section 4P Section 4Q Section 4R Section 4S Section 4T Section 4U Section 4V Section 4W Section 4X

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