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The Bullring

presented by Star Nursery

Race fans, you can enjoy local stock car racing every other weekend from mid-March through November at The Bullring presented by Star Nursery, Las Vegas Motor Speedway's 3/8-mile paved oval track located off Las Vegas Blvd., inside gate Entry 2.

Four classes of NASCAR weekly racing series, including Pro Late Models, a trio of USLCI divisions and even some specialty divisions like Jr. Late Models and Skid Plate Cars compete at the track on a regular basis. The Bullring is also host to regional series like the SPEARS Modified Series, SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, USAC HPD Midget Series, Late Model Truck Series and the Southwest Tour Trucks to give fans some regional racing flavor.

Theme nights like Hometown Heroes Night, Military and Veterans Appreciation Night and the wildly popular Fourth of July celebration, the Night of Fire, add extra allure to the popular race track throughout the year.

Race fans: Tailgate in the Stockyard!

Load up the family and tailgate at The Bullring! Purchase an RV/tailgate space along the track fence in Turns 3 and 4 and get up close to all the action! Passes include four admission tickets.

Track facts

  • Built in 1985 and refurbished in 2000
  • Permanent grandstand seats: 5,400
  • Stockyard located between turns 3 & 4 for tailgating
    (motorhome friendly)
  • Configuration: 3/8 mile banked asphalt oval

Bullring Schedule

Calendar View | List View

Calendar View | List View


  • DateName
  • 2024 Outlaw Factory Stock Rules
  • 2024 Super Stock Rules
  • 2024 Fabricated Chassis- Super Stocks
  • 2022 Modified Rules
  • 2022 Pro Late Model Rules
  • 2022 Skid Plate Car Rules

Bullring FAQ

From I-15 North - Take I-15 North to Exit 54 (Speedway Blvd). Take your first right at Hollywood Blvd. and proceed to Las Vegas Blvd. North. Make a left at Las Vegas Blvd. North until you get to Entry 2. Proceed left through Entry 2. 

From Las Vegas Boulevard North - Proceed on Las Vegas Blvd. North to Entry 2. Proceed left through Entry 2. 

  • Tickets are $10 on-site the day of the event and $8 if purchased in advance. All children 12 and under get in free with a ticketed adult. (Maximum of two children per ticketed adult.)
  • You can buy Bullring tickets at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Ticket Office (located in the Ticket/Gift Shop building off Speedway Blvd.) or by calling 1-800-644-4444.
  • Tickets may also be purchased online via Ticketmaster.

If you have purchased tickets in advance but did not have them mailed, you may pick them up at the LVMS ticket office until the day of the event. The Bullring will call window is located at The Bullring Main Ticket Gate.

The Credentials Building is located close to Entry 3 (use Entry 4) to the east of the pits.  This area is for racers, team members, pit passes and credentials only. Tickets for the event are not sold or held here for spectators.  

No coolers are permitted in the grandstand seating area at LVMS. Fans are allowed to bring one non-alcoholic beverage weighing 20 ounces or less into the gates.

No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought into the gates. Spots in the Stockyard area, located behind Turns 3 and 4, are available for purchase and allow tailgating.

Check our website and social media channels for announcements of driver autograph opportunities at Bullring events.

Yes, contact a speedway security representative and they will direct you to the lost and found. After an event all lost and found items are transferred to the reception desk in the LVMS administration building. 

Yes, there is an ATM machine located next to the concession building behind the grandstands.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals with disabilities. Please contact the ticket office at (800) 644-4444.

Mobile medical teams patrol the speedway grounds. If in need of medical assistance, contact security or a speedway representative and give them the location (i.e., seat number and section) of the person in need of medical attention.

Contact a LVMS security representative and supply them with a description of the child, i.e., name, age, color of hair, clothes they are wearing.

  • Alcoholic beverages (not permitted to enter or exit the gates)
  • Backpacks or any bag larger than 14" x 14" x 14"
  • Balloons and beach balls
  • Coolers
  • Drones or any type of radio controlled flying device
  • Fireworks
  • Folding chairs
  • Glass or can containers
  • Grills
  • Golf carts, hover boards, quads, UTVs, SxS, scooters, skateboards, Segways, dirt bikes or any other similar personal transportation devices (including licensed vehicles that may be street legal)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Noisemakers or horns
  • Pets (except for service animals)
  • Scaffolds
  • Stadium seats wider than 18 inches or with arms
  • Umbrellas
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Any items which pose a safety hazard or can diminish the enjoyment of the event by other guests
  • One (1) non-alcoholic beverage per guest. Beverage may not exceed 20 ounces and must be contained in a plastic sports bottle or plastic cup.
  • One (1) food item per guest. Examples include a sandwich, crackers, chips OR fruit. Family sized bags of food are not permitted.

Bullring History

67  Scott Gafforini
59  Dustin Ash
58  Phil Goodwin
a53  Justin Johnson
47  Jason Irwin
33  Spencer Clark
30  Ian Anderson
27  Aaron McMorran
25  Kyle Busch, Dave Green, Glen Burke
24  Jeremiah Wagner, Chris Trickle, Sam Jacks
23  Patrick O'Hanley, Alex Haase
22  Pete Meyer, Taylor Barton, Don Sargent, R.J. Smotherman, Peyton Saxton, Chris Clyne
21  Jason Kiser
19  Dylan Kwasniewski
18  Jacob Tilton, James Wingard, Vinny Raucci Jr.
17  Bear Rzesnowiecky, Rick Rogas, Josh Gross, Chris Bray, Kyle Jacks, Cameron Morga
16  Jonathan Mawhinney, Kayli Barker
15  Landon Gresser
14  Darren Rollins, Larry Dittman, Austin Murphy, Mark Schottmuller, Mike Cofer, Noah Gragson, Jimmy Parker Jr.
13  Don Williams, Tom Youmans, Michael Morrissey, Mason Sargent, Chris Bosley
11  Brian Matzke, Jerry Walton, Caden Carlin, Thane Alderman, Tyler Fabozzi
10  Chuck Trickle, Mario Opipari, Jeff Connors, Christian Warren, Danny Medina, Mike Heck, Justin Irwin, Ryan Vargas, Matt Larsen, Dezel West, Ron Reed, Camden Larsen

*Minimum of 10 career Saturday night feature victories since 2000. Updated Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.

6  Scott Gafforini (Super Late Models)
5  Phil Goodwin (Chargers/Super Stocks)
    Caden Carlin (3, Bandolero Bandits; 1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Legends-Young Lions)
    Doug Hamm (3, Outlaw Stocks/Late Models; 2, Modifieds)
4  Pete Meyer (Bombers)
    Dustin Ash (2, Super Late Models; 1, Legends-Pro; 1, Legends-Semi-Pro)
    Jason Irwin (2, Modifieds; 1, Legends-Young Lions; 1, Legends-Pro)
    Jeremiah Wagner (2, Legends-Semi-Pro; 1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Legends-Pro)
    Peyton Saxton (2, Legends-Pro; 1, Legends-Young Lions; 1, Grand American Modifieds)
    Michael Todd Glazier (Legends-Masters)
    Aaron McMorran (2, Modifieds; 2, Bombers)
    Justin Johnson (1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Thunder Cars; 2, Super Late Models)
3  Kayli Barker (1, Bandolero Bandits; 1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Super Stocks)
    Frank McCourt (Legends-Masters)
    Robby Guevara (Legends-Masters)
    Jacob Tilton (1, Bandolero Bandits; 1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Thunder Cars)
    Chris Bosley (3, Thunder Cars)
2  Glenn Burke (Outlaw Stocks/Late Models)
    Ian Anderson (Thunder Cars)
    Fabian Bray (Modifieds)
    Darren Rollins (Bombers)
    James Wingard (Super Stocks)
    Patrick O'Hanley (Bandolero Outlaws)
    Dave Green (Thunder Cars)
    Jonathan Mawhinney (1, Bandolero Outlaws; 1, Legends-Semi-Pro)
    Dylan Kwasniewski (1, Legends-Semi-Pro; 1, Legends-Pro)
    Robert D'Ambra (1, Legends-Young Lions; 1, Legends-Pro)
    Rick Rogas (Legends-Masters)
    Bobby Ruppert (1, Thunder Cars; 1, Legends-Masters)
    Jason Kiser (Super Stocks)
    Devin Lane (Legends-Semi-Pro)
    Cameron Morga (1, Legends-Young Lions; 1, Legends-Pro)
    R.J. Smotherman (2, Bandolero Bandits)
    Sam Jacks (1, Bombers; 1, Super Stocks)
    Jaron Giannini (2, Legends)

  • Pro Late Models
    Best Lap Time: 15.378
    Speed: 87.788 mph
    By: Dustin Ash (2022)
  • SRL Late Models
    Best Lap Time: 14.165
    Speed: 95.305 mph
    By: Derek Thorn (2016)
  • Lucas Oil Modifieds
    Best Lap Time: 14.935
    Speed: 90.392 mph
    By: Ryan Partridge (2016)
  • USLCI Bandolero Bandits
    Best Lap Time: 19.701
    Speed: 68.524 mph
    By: Ryan Vargas (2014)
  • USLCI Bandolero Outlaws
    Best Lap Time: 18.704
    Speed: 72.177 mph
    By: Kayla Eshleman (2016)
  • USLCI Legends
    Best Lap Time: 16.526
    Speed: 81.690 mph
    By: Cody Brown (2022)
  • USLCI Thunder Cars
    Best Lap Time: 16.196
    Speed: 83.092 mph
    By: Ian Anderson (2013)
  • Bombers
    Best Lap Time: 18.816
    Speed: 71.747 mph
    By: Kyle Jacks (2019)
  • Super Stocks
    Best Lap Time: 16.619
    Speed: 81.232 mph
    By: Sam Jacks (2019)
  • Super Late Models
    Best Lap Time: 14.489
    Speed: 93.174 mph
    By: Derek Thorn (2017)
  • Modifieds
    Best Lap Time: 15.405
    Speed: 87.634 mph
    By: Justin Johnson (2022)
  • Jr. Late Models
    Best Lap Time: 15.870
    Speed: 85.066 mph
    By: Jesse Love (2017)
  • USAC HPD Midgets
    Best Lap Time: 15.215
    Speed: 88.728 mph
    By: Adam Lemke (2017)
  • SPEARS Manufacturing Modifieds
    Best Lap Time: 14.935
    Speed: 90.042 mph
    By: Ryan Partridge (2016)
  • North American Big Rigs
    Best Lap Time: 19.850
    Speed: 68.010 mph
    By: Isaac Harder (2017)
  • SouthWest Tour Trucks
    Best Lap Time: 16.560
    Speed: 81.522 mph
    By: Ronnie Davis (2018)
  • NASCAR K&N Pro Series
    Best Lap Time: 14.976
    Speed: 90.144 mph
    By: Greg Pursley (2011)
  • SPEARS Southwest Tour Series
    Best Lap Time: 14.149
    Speed: 95.413 mph
    By: Derek Thorn (2019)
  • SMRA Super Modifieds
    Best Lap Time: 12.426
    Speed: 108.643 mph
    By: Lonnie Adamson (2010)
  • Baby Grands
    Best Lap Time: 16.394
    Speed: 82.347 mph
    By: Cameron Hayley (2011) 
  • USAC Midgets (Big Boys)
    Best Lap Time: 13.782
    Speed: 97.954 mph
    By: Kody Swanson (2010)

*Track records reflect best times recorded with tires that are currently used at The Bullring.