Two more drivers are locked into Saturday’s IMCA Modified championship feature following qualifying feature victories on Night 3 of the 24th Annual Karl Chevrolet Duel in the Desert at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Winners of qualifying features receive automatic bids into Friday and Saturday night’s championship features in four classes at the Duel in the Desert: IMCA Modified, IMCA SportMod, IMCA Stock Car and STARS Mod Lite.

Based on points, the top 15 starters for championship features are now set for each of the four classes. Each championship feature will carry up to 24 cars; the remaining spots will be filled on Friday and Saturday during their respective heat races and last chance qualifying races.

For a full breakdown of Thursday night’s results, click here for the Box Score. For final qualifying points, click HERE.

In IMCA Modified action on Thursday night, Jacob Hobscheidt of Plattsmouth, Neb., took the lead for good on lap seven and continued on to victory over Bricen James. Hobscheidt started from the pole after winning his heat race from the 10th starting spot.

Zane DeVilbiss of Farmington, N.M., won the second Modified qualifier over Zack VanderBeek. Both drivers were already locked into Saturday’s main event after they won qualifiers on Wednesday night.

DeVilbiss went on to lock into the IMCA Stock Car championship feature with a qualifying victory at the end of the night, as well.

Ricky Thornton Jr. of Adel, Iowa, won for the third consecutive night, stealing the victory late from Chaz Baca. Thornton is the defending Duel Modified champion and will start from the pole in the Modified championship feature on Saturday night.

Ethan Dotson of Bakersfield, Calif., started from the pole position and won the fourth and final Modified qualifier over Tim Ward.

Zack Forster of Bakersfield, Calif. remained perfect in the STARS Mod Lite division, passing Darrick Knutsen for the win coming to the white flag.

Jorddon Braaten of Central Point, Ore., won the first IMCA SportMod qualifier from the pole position. The victory was Braaten’s second of the week.

Chase Alves of Casa Grande, Ariz., took the lead in lapped traffic on the final lap to win the second SportMod qualifier over Dylan Van Wyk. Both drivers were already locked into Friday’s championship feature with victories earned on Wednesday night.

Brett Berry of Hays, Kan., won the third and final SportMod qualifier over Cole Suckow. It was Berry’s second qualifying win of the week.

Dallon Murty of Chelsea, Iowa, remained perfect in the IMCA Stock Car division, as he won his third qualifier of the week over Shelby Williams. DeVilbiss took the second of the two Stock Car features.

IMCA SportMod and STARS Mod Lite championship features will be held Friday night and IMCA Stock Car and IMCA Modified championship features running Saturday night.

Top 15 Qualifiers: IMCA Modified

  1. 20RT   Ricky Thornton Jr.*
  2. 33Z      Zack VanderBeek*    
  3. WW1   Ricky Alvarado*        
  4. 01T      Peyton Taylor
  5. 4TW    Tim Ward      
  6. 5L        Cody Laney*
  7. 89C     Steven Whiteaker
  8. 48K     Kollin Hibdon
  9. 75JR    Chaz Baca
  10. 113      Jerry Flippo*
  11. 18Z      Zane DeVilbiss*
  12. 10N     Robert Sanders*
  13. A         Ethan Dotson*          
  14. 01        Jacob Hobscheidt*
  15. 5          Jeff Taylor*


Top 15 Qualifiers: IMCA SportMod

  1. 84        Jorddon Braaten*
  2. 53        Logan Anderson*
  3. 117      Dylan Van Wyk*
  4. 151      Tyler Bannister
  5. 21P      Ryan Peery
  6. 16K     Kaylin Lopez
  7. 09B     Brett Berry*
  8. 75        Cole Suckow
  9. 43LV   Logan Veloz
  10. 14A     Chase Alves*
  11. 51        Jason Bannister
  12. 2K       Taylor Kuehl
  13. 2M      Matt Sanders
  14. 59        Randy Miller
  15. 99RE   Arie Schouten*


Top 15 Qualifiers: IMCA Stock Car

1          99X     Dallon Murty*

2          18Z      Zane DeVilbiss*

3          99D     Damon Murty*

4          82        Shelby Williams

5          40JR    Bubba Stafford Jr.*

6          97M    David Murray Jr.

7          25P      Mike Petersilie

8          93        Michael Jaennette

9          88H     Beau Hutchison

10        08        Chase Berkeley

11        10        Mike Stapleton

12        55AK  Scott Sluka

13        67        Michael Villanueva

14        77S      Jerry Schram

15        10J      Jake Nelson


Top 15 Qualifiers: STARS Mod Lite

1          11        Zack Forster*  600

2          64        Randy Bryan   576

3          14        JD Brown        570

4          99        Darrick Knutsen         567

5          95        Collin Bender  561

6          114      Sean Conyers  549

7          32        Brian Schmidt 534

8          97        Steve Bender  525

9          33        Mike Schmidt  522

10        94        Brandi Myers  510

11        88        Michael Phay  504

12        9          Riley Clem      385

13        17        Tim Varney     349

14        29A     Gary DeWitt   176

15        71        John Piker       161


*Denotes Tuesday-Thursday Qualifying Feature Winners






Super Late Models will race features on both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night’s feature will be $25,000-to-win and Saturday’s will pay $50,000 to win. Bobby Pierce, Brandon Overton, Boom Briggs and Scott Bloomquist will double their payout on Saturday night as part of the Karl Chevrolet Double Down Triple Crown.


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