Chris Clyne and Jimmy Parker Jr. played a game of leapfrog at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Parker - the NASCAR Super Late Models season points leader - won the first 35-lap feature ahead of Clyne, and the two talented short-trackers traded positions in the nightcap on Throwback Night. Clyne won for the 12th time at the LVMS short track, while Parker's win was the 13th of his Bullring career.

Clyne passed Parker for the lead with 19 laps left and held on down the stretch to take the checkered flag in the second 35-lapper.

"I couldn't do it without the (crew) back there," said Clyne, whose last win came at last year's Night of Fire. "We got in a bad crash at the Open Comp (last year), and I never thought I'd drive a race car again. Those guys, Donna and J.T. kept pushing me and said, 'Man, you've still got it, so keep going.'

"We've got to keep short track racing alive. It's my passion, and it's my joy."

In the first NASCAR Super Late Model feature of the night, Parker led early and took the checkered flag with Clyne .957 of a second in his rear-view mirror.

"This thing was a hot rod," Parker said of his No. 92 car. "It was cool to get the lead on the outside. The car was great and handled very well, so thanks so much to everyone on the team."

The race of the night went to the NASCAR Bombers division, as Anthony Mann survived an onslaught from Kyle Jacks and Vinny Raucci Jr. to claim his first career Bullring win. Mann nosed Jacks by .228 of a second and Raucci Jr. by .549 of a second to take the checkered flag.

"We've been working for two years to get this car dialed in," Mann said. "This is my third race of the season in it. We've got this one running and are doing good now."

Cameron Morga remained the hottest driver in the NASCAR Modifieds division, winning for the second time in three races after holding off points leader Doug Hamm by 2.056 seconds. It was Morga's 14th career Saturday night triumph at The Bullring.

"It feels great," Morga said. "We've just got a great crew, and everybody's been working hard to make the car fast. I hadn't won in a Modified at all until the Night of Fire, and that was definitely a great win (for my confidence).

"I've got to thank Charlie Wall and Chris Bray, because we blew a tire and backed it into the fence last night and they put this thing back together so we could come out here tonight."

In the NASCAR Super Stocks' 25-lap feature, Mason Sargent notched his 13th career victory just a few days before his 16th birthday. Sargent - who will get a Nevada driver's license to go along with his NASCAR license on Sept. 12 - held off Matt Larsen by 3.833 seconds for lucky No. 13.

"That was a lot of work," Sargent said. "I try to keep my nose clean and keep everyone else's clean too, because we're out here to have fun and not wreck cars. It's great because, I've been able to drive on a race track, and now I'll be able to drive in the real world."

Jason Irwin earned his 41st career Bullring win after taking the USLCI Legends race ahead of Jace Jones in a race plagued by overheating engines. It was Irwin's seventh victory of the 2018 season.

"This car was pretty good tonight, and I've got to thank my brother (Justin) for all of his help," said Irwin, of Albuquerque, N.M. "Cameron (Morga) led for a lot of the race, but then his engine expired. I'm sure we'll get to battle again in a couple weeks."

Jr. Late Models points leader Kyle Keller won his third consecutive feature, crossing the line 1.793 seconds ahead of Cody Kiemele. Consistency on a slick track was one of the keys for Keller.

"This feels pretty good," said Keller, of Las Vegas. "My spotter just told me to keep running my line and make sure you don't overdrive the corner."

Dustin Vandermooren of Lakewood, Calif., picked up his second career Bullring win after edging Gary Howard by 1.254 seconds in the SouthWest Tour Trucks' 40-lap feature. He and his truck survived the heat to make their way to the Winner's Circle at the LVMS short track.

"We got really lucky," Vandermooren said. "This thing was 275 (degrees) the last 15 laps or so, so I had to back it down to half or quarter-throttle. It was awesome."

Landon Gresser stayed undefeated in the USLCI Bandolero Bandits division, cruising to a seven-second win over Sabastian Lafia. Chloe Lynch earned her first Saturday night Bullring victory after out-dueling Kaden Crouch by 1.995 seconds in the USLCI Bandolero Outlaws feature.

Next event: On Sept. 22, The Bullring will host Pack the Track Night, when fans will benefit from discounted ticket prices. As always, children 12 and under get in free with a ticketed adult.

Tickets are available on or by calling 800-644-4444.


Throwback Night
The Bullring at LVMS
Complete results


NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 1

  1. Jimmy Parker Jr.; 2. Chris Clyne (-.957 of a second); 3. Dennis Rock (-3.245); 4. Kayli Barker (-6.843); 5. Scott Gafforini (-6.893); 6. Donny St. Ours (-7.369); 7. Chris Trickle (-11.877); 8. Johnny Spilotro (-12.709); 9. David Anderson (-14.751); 10. Stan Mullis (-15.254); 11. Alex Malycke (-8 laps); 12. Billy Mitchell (-23 laps).

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature

  1. Jason Irwin; 2. Jace Jones; 3. Michael Todd Glazier; 4. T.J. Clark; 5. Darrell J. Stewart; 6. Jaron Giannini; 7. Dylan Fabozzi; 8. Branden Giannini; 9. Tyler Fabozzi; 10. Gary Wegener; 11. Jovan Fox; 12. Cameron Morga; 13. John Hans; 14. Tanner Reif; 15. Cody Brown; 16. Devin Lane; 17. Brian Williams; 18. Darrell L. Stewart; 19. Jordan Holloway.

Jr. Late Models 30-lap feature

  1. Kyle Keller; 2. Cody Kiemele (-1.793 seconds); 3. R.J. Smotherman (-6.460); 4. Braden Conner (-9.447).

SouthWest Tour Trucks 40-lap feature

  1. Dustin Vandermooren; 2. Gary Howard (-1.254 seconds); 3. Eric Darensburg (-5.360); 4. Ed Cutler (-9.749); 5. Derek Robertson (-11.113); 6. Steve Reeves (-28.361); 7. Mike Kelperis (-28 laps); 8. Ronnie Davis (-29 laps).

USLCI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature

  1. Landon Gresser; 2. Sabastian Lafia (-7.117 seconds); 3. Ashton Leonard (-9.027); 4. Owen Romzek (-12.251); 5. Alexis Bjork (-20.957); 6. A.J. Blackwill (-2 laps).

USLCI Bandolero Outlaws 12-lap feature

  1. Chloe Lynch; 2. Kaden Crouch (-1.995 seconds); 3. Brendan Tracy (-5.866); 4. Skyler Meisenbach (-10.113); 5. Ethan DeGuevara (-10.375); 6. Tyler Reif (-11 laps); 7. Cameron Guy (DQ).

NASCAR Modifieds 30-lap feature

  1. Cameron Morga; 2. Doug Hamm (-2.056 seconds); 3. Payton Garofalo (-4.183); 4. Mason Sargent (-7.218); 5. Ron Reed (-1 lap); 6. Justin Miller (-1 lap); 7. Pat Petrie (-1 lap); 8. Zachery Nicholls (-2 laps); 9. Tom Pfundstein (-4 laps).

NASCAR Bombers 25-lap feature

  1. Anthony Mann; 2. Kyle Jacks (-.228 of a second); 3. Vinny Raucci Jr. (-.549); 4. Adam Simon (-1.037); 5. Robert Schumacher (-3.474); 6. Tim Maserang (-4.418); 7. Michael Miller (-4.800); 8. Zachery Nicholls (-6.482); 9. Joseph Bradbury (-8.089); 10. Bradley Thompson (-12.461); 11. Carl Duryee (-1 lap); 12. Tia Guy (-4 laps); 13. Court Connell (-18 laps).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature

  1. Mason Sargent; 2. Matt Larsen (-3.833 seconds); 3. Sam Jacks (-4.468); 4. Matt Cunningham (-5.322); 5. Camden Larsen (-5.717); 6. Chad Mattos (-6.883); 7. Jim Merlino (-7.944); 8. Ethan DeGuevara (-20 laps); 9. Wayne Jacks (-25 laps).

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 2

  1. Chris Clyne; 2. Jimmy Parker Jr. (-.622 of a second); 3. Scott Gafforini (-1.770); 4. Donny St. Ours (-2.841); 5. Kayli Barker (-6.705); 6. Johnny Spilotro (-6.942); 7. David Anderson (-9.542); 8. Stan Mullis (-9.892); 9. Billy Mitchell (-14.276); 10. Alex Malycke (-22 laps); 11. Dennis Rock (-35 laps).