The Chris Clyne Show kept rolling on at the Chris Trickle Classic at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

The NASCAR Super Late Models points leader added to his advantage by sweeping a pair of 35-lap features on the special evening, which paid tribute to late Bullring racer Chris Trickle who passed away in 1998. In both races, Clyne passed six-time track champion Scott Gafforini for the lead midway through the features and held on for the checkered flags.

Clyne has now won nine of the last 11 NASCAR Super Late Models races at the 3/8-mile paved oval and pushed his career win total to 20 thanks to the bookend victories.

"I'd like to thank my guys for working so hard on the car, and it was really good tonight," said Clyne, a Speedway Children's Charities Board member. "I've run some Southwest Tour races the last few years, and that's really taught me to pace myself and when to attack. I'm really looking forward to running in the SRL race here in November and representing Las Vegas.

"Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, and enjoy your day tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting short track racing."

Sam Jacks kept his NASCAR Super Stocks winning streak going, but had to work for it after trading the lead with Camden Larsen and being sent to the back of the field after a late-race clash with Larsen. Jacks rebounded and took the checkered flag .790 of a second ahead of Ethan DeGuevara for his eighth consecutive victory and 23rd of his Bullring career.

"The car has been amazing, and we can't do anything better with it," said Jacks, who has won 10 of the last 11 races in that division. "He ran over the back of me, but I love (Camden Larsen) to death, and he's the best friend I could ever have. I guess that's the way it goes sometimes."

Peyton Saxton showed his toughness by overcoming a left foot injury suffered on Friday night to win the 35-lap NASCAR 602 Modifieds race by 1.200 seconds ahead of points leader Doug Hamm. Saxton was hobbled after a trip to the emergency room a night earlier, but persevered to claim his 22nd career Bullring victory.

"In practice, a car fell on my foot, and I went to the hospital about 11 o'clock last night to get it X-rayed," said Saxton, a four-time track champion in three divisions. "It's not broken or fractured, but it's not good. All day today, we had to battle with that adversity, but I didn't let that stop us.

"Happy Father's Day dad. I didn't get my dad anything for Father's Day except a card, so it's a good thing I got this win."

Jacob Quartaro joined his father, Dave, as a Bullring winner after taking the 25-lap NASCAR Bombers race by .345 of a second ahead of Adam Simon. Points leader Vinny Raucci Jr. and second place Kyle Jacks were running 1-2, but both had something break on their cars with eight laps left.

"It was a long race with caution after caution, so this feels good," Quartaro said. "I saw Vinny break and then saw Kyle pull off the track, so I knew I had a third-place good car and was able to put it in the Winner's Circle tonight. The car started loosening up toward the end of the race, but we got it parked in Victory Lane."

Jake Bollman survived a re-start with two laps left in the USLCI Legends race to hold off 16-time Bullring winner Jonathan Mawhinney, who was edged at the line for second place by points leader Jaron Giannini on an action-packed final lap. Bollman earned his first Saturday night Bullring triumph by .275 of a second over Giannini, with Mawhinney taking third .294 of a second back.

"It's pretty cool to win on Saturday," Bollman said. "I was just going to protect the bottom (on the re-start), and I was like, 'I have it, and I don't care if he pushes me or not.' We did pretty good."

Jadan Walbridge, the Jr. Late Models points leader, kept his strong season going with win No. 3 of 2019. The Portland, Ore., driver controlled the 30-lap feature from the start and crossed the line 1.945 seconds ahead of R.J. Smotherman.

"What a great group of guys," Walbridge said of his crew. "We've been on a roll lately, and I hope (the wins) keep coming. It's always fun racing with R.J. We're two great competitors, and I was just hoping for the best.

"With Father's Day coming up, this one's for my grandpa."

In USLCI Bandolero action, Jeffrey Erickson earned his first career Bullring win by taking the Bandits race by 2.160 seconds ahead of Ashton Leonard, while Outlaws points leader Chloe Lynch picked up her fourth win of the season by 1.931 seconds over Landon Gresser. Cindy Clark used lapped traffic to take the lead with two laps remaining in the Skid Plate Cars race, picking up a win in the division in which she claimed a track title a year ago.

NEXT RACE: LVMS will host its wildly popular Night of Fire on Wednesday, July 3, with a full night of racing, a Figure 8 Trailer Race and one of the city's best fireworks shows capping the evening. It will be the final race of the first half of the season before the track takes a seven-week break to avoid the summer swelter, and kids 12 and under get in free with a ticketed adult.

Chris Trickle Classic
Saturday, June 15
Complete results

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 1

  1. Chris Clyne; 2. Kayli Barker (-7.333 seconds); 3. David Anderson (-8.647); 4. Johnny Spilotro (-9.276); 5. Steve Anderson (-10.745); 6. Jim Wulfenstein (-16.577); 7. Scott Gafforini; 8. Charlie Pike (-1 lap); 9. Davey Hamilton (-18 laps); 10. Brandon Farrington (-20 laps).

USLCI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature

  1. Jeffrey Erickson; 2. Ashton Leonard (-2.160 seconds); 3. A.J. Blackwill (-2.559); 4. Max Romzek (-10.028); 5. Alexis Bjork (-17.597); 6. Logan Gresser (-23.419); 7. Gage Jarvis (-1 lap); 8. Tuscan Nuccitelli (-10 laps); 9. Sabastian Lafia (-12 laps).

USLCI Bandolero Outlaws 12-lap feature

  1. Chloe Lynch; 2. Landon Gresser (-1.931 seconds); 3. Owen Romzek (-2.430); 4. Riley Massey (-3.367); 5. Haylee Morris (-4.772); 6. Skyler Meisenbach (-9.049); 7. Adam Farr (-16.700); 8. Katie Crouch (-6 laps); 9. Brendan Tracy (-7 laps).

Jr. Late Models 30-lap feature

  1. Jadan Walbridge; 2. R.J. Smotherman (-1.945 seconds); 3. Bradley Erickson (-2.629); 4. Braden Connor (-6.956); 5. Olivia Manke (-1 lap); 6. Aiden Murphy (-3 laps).

NASCAR 602 Modifieds 35-lap feature

  1. Peyton Saxton; 2. Doug Hamm (-1.200 seconds); 3. Jason Irwin (-2.438); 4. Brian Reed (-4.257); 5. Kyle Keller (-5.529); 6. Pat Petrie (-5.786); 7. Jason Kiser (-6.456); 8. Zachery Nicholls (-6.904); 9. Ron Reed (-8.397); 10. Court Connell (-10.080); 11. Mason Sargent (-10.132); 12. Justin Kiser (-12.827); 13. Tom Pfundstein (-20.105); 14. Sean Bishop (-4 laps).

Skid Plate Cars 15-lap feature

  1. Cindy Clark; 2. John Petsco (-1.950 seconds); 3. Scott Stockwell (-2.689); 4. Dennis Dowell (-5.144); 5. Ben Williams (-17.057); 6. Larry Dowell (-22.814); 7. Robert Leany (-23.967); 8. Robert Smotherman (-1 lap); 9. T.J. Cotter (-4 laps).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature

  1. Sam Jacks; 2. Ethan DeGuevara (-.790 of a second); 3. Mason Sargent (-1.954); 4. Camden Larsen (-2.122); 5. Jim Merlino (-4.252); 6. Ryan Walker (-6 laps).

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature

  1. Jake Bollman; 2. Jaron Giannini (-.275 of a second); 3. Jonathan Mawhinney (-.294); 4. Branden Giannini (-.443); 5. John Hans (-.543); 6. Bradley Erickson (-.763); 7. Dylan Fabozzi (-1.093); 8. Enzo Lalama (-1.317); 9. Cody Brown (-1.451); 10. Bruce Silver (-2.004); 11. Steve Giannini (-1 lap); 12. Jordan Holloway (-1 lap); 13. Brian Williams (-1 lap); 14. Gary Wegener (-25 laps); 15. Jeff Regier (-25 laps); 16. Amilleo Thomson (-25 laps).

NASCAR Bombers 25-lap feature

  1. Jacob Quartaro; 2. Adam Simon (-.345 of a second); 3. Pete Meyer (-1.187); 4. Robert Schumacher (-1.675); 5. Marty DeLuca (-2.732); 6. Matthew Cunningham (-4.937); 7. Tia Guy (-6.230); 8. Steve Dewey (-1 lap); 9. Carl Duryee (-3 laps); 10. Vinny Raucci Jr. (-8 laps); 11. Kyle Jacks (-8 laps); 12. Michael Miller (-18 laps); 13. Ethan DeGuevara (-21 laps).

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 2

  1. Chris Clyne; 2. Scott Gafforini (-.892 of a second); 3. Jim Wulfenstein (-1.857); 4. Brandon Farrington (-1.973); 5. Johnny Spilotro (-5.737); 6. Kayli Barker (-6.918); 7. Steve Anderson (-15.076); 8. David Anderson (-1 lap); 9. Charlie Pike (-1 lap); 10. Davey Hamilton (-13 laps).