It was a sweet night for California's Jeremy Doss at the Keith Danser Kids Candy Grab at The Bullring on Saturday.

The Upper Lake, Calif., driver made his trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway short track count, doubling down to win both 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Models features on a cool and windy night. Doss, The Bullring's 2014 Open Comp winner, was using the evening to test a new car in advance of the Oct. 21 Senator's Cup Fall Classic, which will be highlighted by the Super Late Models 150.

Clearly, he liked what he saw and felt from the race car.

"This is a brand new car, and that's why we brought it here today to the local show to get her dialed in for the Open Comp race," said Doss, who won the second race by 8.238 seconds. "We have a really good car. She showed a lot of speed in that last race, so I'm really looking forward to (the Oct. 21 event)."

Chuck Deguevara created a family trifecta of sorts when he joined son, Joe, and grandson, Ethan, as a Bullring winner. The elder Deguevara took the first NASCAR Super Stocks race of the evening after finishing .598 of a second ahead of Matt Larsen to earn his maiden voyage to the Winner's Circle.

The second NASCAR Super Stocks feature also had a familial storyline, with Justin Kiser joining his brother, Jason, and father, Fred, as Bullring winners. Justin finished 2.351 seconds ahead of Matt Cunningham to take his first Bullring checkered flag.

"I'd like to thank my brother, Jason, who pretty much paid for everything tonight," Justin Kiser said. "I was the fastest car in the first feature, but I just couldn't get around (the track) well. I got a good start on this one and just ran my line."

Sam Jacks appeared to have won his third consecutive NASCAR Bombers race, but was disqualified after failing post-race tech inspection. His brother, Kyle, is credited with the victory after finishing second in the 25-lap event.

Divisional points leader Aaron McMorran led the field until falling out of the race with engine trouble on lap 17.

Payton Garofalo held off points leader Tyler Fabozzi by .073 of a second in a wreck-marred USLCI Legends 25-lap feature to claim his first career win at The Bullring. Garofalo weathered two re-starts after lengthy delays caused by a pair of multiple-car wrecks that sent several cars to the pits early.

"This feels awesome, it's great," Garofalo said. "I just had to focus and keep my mind set on what was in front of me and around me. I had to set my line well and make a good run at it."

Points leader Ron Reed continued his dominance in the USLCI Thunder Cars division, winning for the eighth time this season by nearly nine seconds. Reed is poised to win his first Bullring track title when the regular season concludes in two weeks.

In the USLCI Bandolero division, Camden Larsen won his seventh Outlaws race of the season to extend his points lead and Amilleo Thomson took the checkered flag in the Bandits feature.

NEXT RACE: Eight season titles will be decided on Championship Night at The Bullring on Saturday, Oct. 7. It will be the final regular-season event at the short track for 2017.

Keith Danser Kids Candy Grab
Complete results

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 1
1. Jeremy Doss; 2. Justin Johnson (-2.007 seconds); 3. Dezel West (-6.649); 4. Tyler Fabozzi (-7.056); 5. David Anderson (-9.561); 6. Peyton Saxton (-9.899); 7. Kayli Barker (-10.448); 8. Steve Anderson (-10.920); 9. Kayla Eshleman (-12.254); 10. Gary Clift (-15.467); 11. Stan Mullis (-5 laps); 12. Scott Gafforini (-13 laps); 13. Charlie Pike (-20 laps); 14. Chris Clyne (-21 laps); 15. Chuck Trickle (-32 laps).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature No. 1
1. Chuck Deguevara; 2. Matt Larsen (-.598 of a second); 3. Justin Kiser (-1.116); 4. Mason Sargent (-2.380); 5. Don Sargent (-3.481); 6. Matt Cunningham (-7.459); 7. Johnny Spilotro (-10.580); 8. Dylin Smotherman (-17.341); 9. Vince Bianchi (-1 lap); 10. Scott Larsen (-1 lap); 11. Court Connell (-24 laps).

USLCI Thunder Cars 20-lap feature
1. Ron Reed; 2. Ed Hohman (-8.850 seconds); 3. Doug Germano (-16.038); 4. Darin Callaway (-1 lap).

USLCI Bandolero Outlaws 15-lap feature
1. Camden Larsen; 2. Matthew Cunningham (-3.697 seconds); 3. Cody Brown (-3.992); 4. Kaden Crouch (-9.813); 5. Tia Guy (-15.337); 6. Chloe Lynch (-18.896); 7. Jaron Giannini (-11 laps); 8. Ethan Deguevara (-12 laps).

USLCI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature
1. Amilleo Thomson; 2. Braden Connor; 3. Sabastian Lafia; 4. Owen Romzek; 5. Tuscan Nuccitelli; 6. Landon Gresser; 7. Levi Johnson; 8. Branch Danko; 9. Eliana Danko; 10. Alexis Bjork.

NASCAR Bombers 25-lap feature
1. Kyle Jacks; 2. Jim Merlino; 3. Jason Merlino; 4. Bob Rynda; 5. Robert Schumacher; 6. Zachery Nicholls; 7. Anthony Mann; 8. Steve Danko; 9. Mike Riefler; 10. Gary Griffiths Jr.; 11. Carl Duryee; 12. Adam Simon; 13. Aaron McMorran; 14. Mark Skinner; 15. Bradley Thompson; 16. James Menasco; 17. Sam Jacks (DQ).

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature
1. Payton Garofalo; 2. Tyler Fabozzi (-.073 of a second); 3. Devin Lane (-2.772); 4. Josh Ayers (-4.293); 5. Jace Jones (-5.487); 6. Brian Williams (-5.631); 7. Garrett Manes (-6.273); 8. Bruce Silver (-9.165); 9. Eddie Garone (-11.843); 10. Jeff King (-12.223); 11. Steven Cantrell (-14.056); 12. Scott Anderson (-16.214); 13. Jordan Holloway (-1 lap); 14. Kyle Cottrell (-2 laps); 15. Ray Hoffman (-3 laps); 16. Michael Todd Glazier (-12 laps); 17. Matthew Barnard (-12 laps); 18. Kole Raz (-12 laps); 19. T.J. Clark (-12 laps); 20. Robert Gayton (-12 laps); 21. Dylan Fabozzi (-12 laps); 22. Gary Scheurell (-12 laps); 23. Doug Sheldon (-12 laps); 24. Jaron Giannini (-12 laps); 25. Brian Barber (-13 laps).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature No. 2
1. Justin Kiser; 2. Matt Cunningham (-2.351 seconds); 3. Chuck Deguevara (-4.115); 4. Matt Larsen (-6.359); 5. Johnny Spilotro (-8.263); 6. Dylin Smotherman (-12.348); 7. Mason Sargent (-13.166); 8. Scott Larsen (-2 laps); 9. Vince Bianchi (-23 laps); 10. Court Connell (-24 laps).

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 2
1. Jeremy Doss; 2. Tyler Fabozzi (-8.238 seconds); 3. Peyton Saxton (-9.005); 4. Dezel West (-9.908); 5. Kayli Barker (-1 lap); 6. Justin Johnson (-1 lap); 7. David Anderson (-1 lap); 8. Scott Gafforini (-1 lap); 9. Kayla Eshleman (-1 lap); 10. Stan Mullis (-1 lap).