"As a Las Vegas native, I was heartbroken to learn of the events that occurred Sunday night. The shine of a city so vibrant with life and love was suddenly dulled in the blink of an eye. Being away from the city that I love, I couldn't help but think of others within the racing community that were feeling the same affects. Joined together with my fellow Nevadans - Kurt and Kyle Busch, Brendan Gaughan, Noah Gragson and Jamie Little - we developed a way for everyone to assist in the efforts of repairing the city's morale.

"We are asking the NASCAR family to come together and help the great city of Las Vegas by visiting DriversForVegas.com to purchase a shirt or sticker, or simply make a donation. Las Vegas has always been there for and supported us, and this is a great opportunity for us to give back and be there for them."
- Spencer Gallagher

"It was horrific what happened in our hometown and we all send our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. It really hit home to all of us and as Nevada natives we hope everyone supports our efforts. Please visit DriversForVegas.com to purchase a shirt or sticker, or simply make a donation to support those who need our help."
- Kurt Busch

"Like most Americans, I was devastated to hear about Sunday's tragic events in my hometown. As a group of racers from Las Vegas, we wanted to find a way for ourselves, along with our race fans, to help the victims and families of this unthinkable act. We encourage fans to check out DriversForVegas.com to purchase one of the items available, or to simply make a donation."
- Kyle Busch

"I've always considered myself lucky to be born and raised in what I tell everyone is the greatest city on Earth. Seeing the outpouring of love and charity from all over the world helps restore my faith in humanity. With so many NASCAR drivers from Las Vegas, I feel like it's the least we can do to ask our racing community to band together in helping those who have been affected by this tragedy. Thank you to all those who have already helped. I have never been more proud to say that I am #VegasStrong."
- Brendan Gaughan

"Although I moved to North Carolina to pursue my racing career, Las Vegas will always be my home. When I heard about this horrible tragedy, not only did I think about my family and friends who still live there, but all of the visitors who make our city one of the best in the world. I immediately wanted to do something to help, but it took a few days to even wrap my head around what happened. When Spencer called me with this idea, I was all in to help do anything to try to heal our community."
- Noah Gragson

"As a Las Vegas native and current resident of this great city, my heart broke when I saw the massacre that happened on our soil. All I could do was think of ways to help and to give back. This is a great initiative that Spencer has started. Our Las Vegas NASCAR contingent is small but we're mighty. All of us, along with your help, will give to the families and victims involved and help lift some of the burden they have endured."
- Jamie Little

To support the victims and their families, t-shirts and stickers will be available for purchase beginning early next week at DriversForVegas.com.

Partnering with Las Vegas-based Zappos, all profits will be donated to the Support Las Vegas campaign benefitting the Direct Impact Fund. Zappos will match 100 percent of the donations made up to $1,000,000. Additional information can be found at zappos.com/support.