Jeremy Doss doubled down at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

The Upper Lake Calif., driver survived a caution-filled SPEARS Southwest Tour race to take yet another checkered flag at the 3/8-mile track and clinch the series' season championship in the process. Doss - who won the $15,000 Senator's Cup Fall Classic in Las Vegas last month - led the majority of the 150 laps and crossed the line 1.206 seconds ahead of Eric Schmidt for the $10,000 winner's check.

"I'm just so happy to get the championship," said Doss, who needed to finish ninth or better at the season finale to sew up the series title. "We've gotten second twice in the series points, so it feels so good to get the championship and top it off with a win here. I felt like I needed to get out front and set my own pace, and the cautions didn't count the laps down, but saved my tires."

Doss led Ricky Schlick at the race's midway refueling break, which came at 70 laps, and nailed at least a dozen re-starts to maintain his grip on the front of the pack. He was thrilled to claim his first SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship at a place he loves racing.

"This is my favorite track, for sure, and so it felt good to come here for our final points race," Doss said. "This is the track I feel I'm best at, and I'm so happy."

Justin Johnson, the 2017 Bullring NASCAR Super Late Model points champion, took home the win in the final 100-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature after taking the lead from second-place finisher Dylan Cappello with 16 to go. Cappello was the race leader at the break, which came after 42 laps, with Ryan Schartau in second and Johnson in third place.

Johnson, who has 53 regular-season Bullring wins, was all smiles after the big series victory.

"It's been great, and the guys behind me here, I can't thank them enough," Johnson said. "I've got to give it up to Chris Bray for building a great car and getting it all squared away at the halfway break so I'd be able to get the job done at the end. I know where there's a great, fast car if I choose to run again next year."

Tanner Reif dominated the 40-lap Jr. Late Models feature, taking the checkered flag ahead of his brother, Tyler, by 2.512 seconds. Tanner Reif - who finished second in The Bullring's 2018 Jr. Late Models points standings - won three times in the regular season and was happy to return to the short track's Winner's Circle.

"It feels good to win in our hometown," Reif said. "I'd like to thank my crew, my parents, my sponsors and all my friends who came out tonight."

USAC HPD Midgets racer and fan favorite Toni Breidinger led every single lap on her way to a breakaway victory Saturday night by 9.517 seconds. The win was her second in two nights, as she won the series' Friday night feature as well.

"This track is an amazing track to race at, it's a lot of fun and the competition is always good here," Breidinger said. "I'm just trying to move up the ladder and get to where I want to get to in racing. I've driven so many different cars for so many different teams, and it's been a huge learning experience."


2018 West Coast Short Track Championships
Complete results

Jr. Late Models 40-lap feature
1. Tanner Reif; 2. Tyler Reif (-2.512 seconds); 3. R.J. Smotherman (-4.361); 4. Joey Iest (-4.830); 5. Jadan Walbridge (-9.937); 6. Cody Kimele (-13.750); 7. Braden Conner (-1 lap); 8. Olivia Manke (-2 laps).

Lucas Oil Modifieds 100-lap feature
1. Justin Johnson; 2. Dylan Cappello (-2.108 seconds); 3. Ryan Schartau (-4.385); 4. Kyle Tellstorm (-5.951); 5. Scott Winters (-6.736); 6. Shelby Stroebel (-12.032); 7. Jeremy Kay (-15.991); 8. Cody Kay (-1 lap); 9. Trevor Cristiani (-1 lap); 10. Eric Rhead (-1 lap); 11. Tripp Gaylord (-1 lap); 12. Kris Price (-1 lap); 13. Clint Schubert (-1 lap); 14. Sierra Furia (-2 laps); 15. Aaron McMorran (-2 laps); 16. Mike Lovell (-2 laps); 17. Jeff Longman (-2 laps); 18. Mark Allison (-2 laps) 19. Eddie Wilcox (-6 laps); 20. Aubree Cristiani (-12 laps); 21. Matt Egley (-24 laps); 22. Larry Hull (-47 laps); 23. Ryan Partridge (-58 laps); 24. Chris Cook (-59 laps); 25. Dave Arce (-65 laps); 26. Cameron Morga (-79 laps).

USAC HPD Midgets 30-lap feature
1. Toni Breidinger; 2. Joey Iest (-9.517 seconds); 3. Cody Jessop (-10.080); 4. Dillion Tucker (-10.167); 5. Kylie Ith (-1 lap); 6. Natalie Waters (-1 lap); 7. Johnny Nichols (-1 lap); 8. Adam Lemke (-29 laps).

SPEARS Southwest Tour 150-lap feature
1. Jeremy Doss; 2. Eric Schmidt (-1.206 seconds); 3. Ricky Schlick (-2.387); 4. Cole Moore (-4.226); 5. Tyler Fabozzi (-4.798); 6. Cameron Haley (-5.228); 7. John Dillon (-5.436); 8. Carlos Vieira (-5.799); 9. Cale Kanke (-6.570); 10. Craig Raudman (-7.401); 11. Bob Lyon (-8.756); 12. Scott Sanchez (-9.867); 13. Randy Hendrick (-10.431); 14. Mike Beeler (-14.018); 15. Jack Wood (-1 lap); 16. John Moore (-3 laps); 17. Matthew Wendt (-8 laps); 18. Joe Farre' (-8 laps); 19. Thane Alderman (-24 laps); 20. Jeff Bischofberger (-25 laps); 21. Austin Herzog (-27 laps); 22. Bear Rzesnowiecky (-39 laps); 23. Chris Clyne (-57 laps); 24. Tracy Bolin (-60 laps) 25. Blaine Rocha (-80 laps); 26. Kyle Neveau (-106 laps); 27. Jacob Gomes (-126 laps); 28. Dan Holtz (-126 laps).