"We're excited to see NASCAR's new rules package being introduced for the 2019 season. This similar package was a huge success in the All-Star race this past May and should add even more excitement to the Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube on March 3. I applaud the cooperation between NASCAR, the race teams, manufacturers and speedways to continue to make improvements in our sport."

--Chris Powell, LVMS President

2019 Rules Package Overview

Aero Elements

  • Spoiler: 8" x 61"
  • Splitter: 2" overhang, 10.5" wings at ends of splitter (near tires)
  • Radiator pan: 37" in front tapered to 31" with vertical fences
  • Aero ducts: Used at majority of oval tracks larger than 1 mile

Engine Elements

  • 750 HP: 1.17" tapered spacer (Used at short tracks and road courses)
  • 550 HP: 0.922" tapered spacer (Used at oval tracks larger than 1 mile)


  • Enhanced vehicle chassis mandatory at all tracks (previously announced)
  • Adding three long block engine seals in points races. These are in addition to the 13 short block seals introduced this season.
  • 25 percent reduction in testing (3 organizational tests, down from 4; 3 teams at each Goodyear test, down from 4).

The NASCAR.com article about regarding the rules package change can be found HERE.