Where are you from? 
Las Vegas

What class are you racing this season? 
Bomber car

What are your car numbers and why? 
Number 21 because Spencer Clark is/was 23 and Aaron McMorran took 22, so its two off Spencer

What are your goals for this season?  
Win a race

When did you start racing? 
At age 11 I started working on Chuck Trickle’s race car

What other tracks have you raced at?  

What do you like about the Bullring? 
The Speed

What is your favorite pizza topping? 
I’m a Supreme kind of guy 

What is something about you that no one would know by looking at you?
I am the father to a beautiful baby boy, Legend Spencer Miller. Legend, after his dad, and Spencer, after Spencer Clark

What advice would you give to a young person interested in being a race car driver?
Keep it fun