Where are you from?

Tracy, CA

What classes are you racing this season? 

125 Pro Shifter kart, USCLI Legend car, USAC Midget, hopefully a GT car.

What are your car numbers and why? 

Legend car is 32 - Spencer Clark’s number backwards, 451 in the Shifter Kart, 4 for the class, and 51 because that was my dad’s number.

What are your goals for this season?  

Improve as a driver. Use the Legend car experience to be a better driver. Hopefully win a Championship.

What did you race last season?  

125 Shifter Kart, a couple of USAC races and the Winter Silver State Legends Road Course Challenge.

What car is your favorite so far?

The USAC car is the most fun to drive because you are always sideways, always doing something. On the asphalt, the Legend car is like that too - you are always driving.  I like the go-karts for the close competition. The top eight drivers are all like .10 of a second apart from each other.

When did you start racing? 

I started racing motocross at age 8.

What other tracks have you raced at?  

Stockton 99, Ukiah, Madera, SpeedVegas, Sonoma, and a kart track in Phoenix.

What do you like about the Bullring? 

The fear factor…it looks like you are driving straight into the wall in turn 2. And it’s kind of a D-shaped track, different from other tracks I’ve raced on.

If there was a magic race genie, what would you race, on what track and why? 

The Chili Bowl in a USAC midget car.

What is your favorite food? 

Cheese quesadilla