With the air temperature at 107 degrees during the opening ceremonies and action and tempers on the track sometimes even hotter on Saturday night, the annual “Night to Remember” at the Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway proved to be entertaining for the hearty fans who braved the weather.

Remembering Las Vegas local stars like Chris Trickle, Spencer Clark and Scott Gafforini who left the racing scene much too early, the seventh round of the Star Nursery Series saluted all of the late Las Vegas racing greats from the past as well as providing a solid night of competition on the 3/8-mile paved oval.

At the end of the evening, some familiar faces reached victory lane as well as several newcomers plus a couple of wild finishes on the last lap of the eight feature races.

Past Bullring track champions Jeffrey Peterson, Doug Hamm and Michael Miller returned to the winner’s circle in their respective divisions as winning newcomers included Stephen Brucker and Don Geary celebrated in the “checkered’ area in the track’s infield.

Action got underway with the popular Skid Plate division both in the six-lap trophy dash and the 12-lap feature with inches deciding both events including one of the wildest finishes of the 2024 Bullring season thus far. In the dash, Greg Lee and Christina Harper battled to the finish line with Lee holding off Harper at the checkered flag.

In the always-crazy but popular Skid Plate main event, Jeff Dailey of Tujunga, CA, who had to borrow a race car for after losing a gearbox in his primary car on Friday, ended up finishing the 12-lapper with his car’s rear end taking the checkered flag just ahead of Lee. As the two headed toward the finish, they approached the lapped car of Cordella Latham. Both attempted to slide past Lathan, but they made contact with Dailey turned around and was moving backwards. But Dailey’s machine made the finish and took home the win.

Lee had to settle for the runner-up spot followed by Harper, Ben Williams, Dylan Hummel, Rich McMahon, AJ Hintsala and Greg Matta.

“This win feels good after losing the transmission in my regular car on Friday,” said Dailey. “So, we needed to rent the No. 17 to compete on Saturday night and gain points. The car felt good, and I worked my way through the field. Then, at the end, I saw the lapped car and Greg was on the inside. All of a sudden, we all make contact and I’m sliding backwards. It’s a win anyway to take it.”

It was a busy night as well for the NASCAR Pro Late Model class with two feature races in the hot conditions with a 30-lap opener and a 35-lap finale.

Quick qualifier Jaron Giannini from Henderson, NV, jumped to the lead in the opening Pro Late Model main and never looked back despite having recent CARS Tour 100 winner and reigning Bullring track champion Peterson on his heels the entire race. But the local star had a strong machine and scored his third Bullring victory of the season in his No. 25 stock car and extended his Bullring point lead.

Peterson, No. 2 qualifier from Grand Terrace, CA, chased Giannini for the 30 laps but had to settle for second followed by T.J. Roberts, Gavin Ray, Colton Ray, Johnny Spilotro, Steve Anderson, David Anderson, Ashton Leonard, Dave Campoverde and Derik Burns.

“The car was good, but we can make it I think,” said Giannini in victory lane. “It’s nice to keep on all four fenders and tires on it tonight. It is fun racing with Jeff, and he races clean. It’s always fun here at the Bullring. I couldn’t do it without Versatile Stone, Sigma Performance Services, Phil’s Fabrication, Chris Bray and all of the fans. Thanks to everyone.”

In the 35-lap Pro Late Model finale, Giannini tried to chase down Peterson, who started fifth in his Tri-City Towing/Apache Rental Group machine, but Jaron could only get within two car lengths as Jeff scored another Bullring feature win.

Giannini took second with Colton Ray finishing out the podium for the Doubleheader night for the Pro Late Models. Chasing the top-three in the “Night to Remember” evening was Roberts, Gavin Ray, Spilotro, Steve Anderson and Campoverde.

“As good as Jaron’s team is, I knew I needed to get to the front early,” said Peterson. “Whoever gets in the clean air really has an advantage. Thanks to the fans for surviving tonight’s heat. We greatly appreciate your attendance each week at the Bullring. I want to thank Tri-City Towing, Apache Rental Group, Linny White and White Racing Services, my wife Kayli, my in-laws, my parents and for Loren for always helping out. It’s always great to get back to the Bullring victory lane.”

Hamm, the nine-time Bullring track champion and current point leader, left nothing on the table for his competition Saturday night with a dominating win in his popular No. 4X car in the 35-lap NASCAR 602 Modifieds final. Coming from the fourth starting position, Hamm moved to the front on lap two and never looked back. Doug’s performance was reminiscent of many of his impressive triumphs at the Bullring, and he was happy to return to the winner’s circle.

Taking second was Sam Jacks in the No. 29 mount followed his brother, Kyle, in the No. 41 machine, Brian Williams in the No. 6, and his brother, Ben, in the No. 24.

“It’s a long time since I put it back in victory lane as it’s been a struggle this year,” said Hamm after his feature win. “I have a bunch of people to thank tonight with U&M Brothers, Western Elite, Mojave Masonary, Versatile Stone, Off the Wall, Mercenary Stone, Misfits, Phil’s Fabrication and much love to the friends and family in the Stockyards. I love racing out here at the Bullring. It’s in my blood.”

Miller, the former Bullring track champion, scored his first win of the 2024 season at the Bullring in the 25-lap NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rods Outlaw Factory Stock main with a strong drive to the front from his sixth starting spot in the No. 21 car. Miller drove to the lead on lap four and held four-time race winner Vinny Raucci Jr. at bay throughout the remaining 21 circuits.

Third went to veteran Pete Meyer followed by Rob Pfaffly, Anthony Mann, Vinny Raucci Sr., Jacob Quartaro, Stephen Irvine and Nick Lautenbach.

The 25-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Legend Car main event saw a wild finish as well Saturday with a three-wide photo finish with Brucker scoring a narrow win. It was Brucker’s first Bullring Saturday feature win as the Alpine, CA, racer slid his way past early leader Tyler Reif on lap 25.

Reif, the fastest qualifier, held the advantage over a challenging Brucker for the majority of the event, but the Henderson, NV, racer pushed wide in turn two and Brucker and Ashton Williams moved underneath for the top-two spots. Reif fought back in turn three and made it a three abreast with Brucker, Williams and Reif placing 1-2-3.

Finishing out the top-five were former Bullring champion Cody Brown and New Mexico’s Sean Salazar. Placing six through ten were Andy Hulcy, Keaton Harbison, Keller Meechudhone, Scott Harbison and Brian Albright.

In the 12-lap lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Bandoleros event, Wyatt Layne of Las Vegas, NV, returned to the winner’s circle with his No. 21 car after a tight battle in the first half of the race with Peyton Harbison. Layne was able to open his margin by lap nine and took the impressive victory. It was Layne’s second 2024 feature win and fifth top-five this year.

Harbison had to settle for second followed by Bullring points leader James Trimmer, Leila Trimmer, Mason Reed, Dylan Layne, Maison Albright, Jeff Conners and Karson Orth.

Geary, the veteran racer from Las Vegas, took his first 2024 Bullring main event Saturday in the 25-lap NASCAR Super Stock race with a nice turn three inside pass of early leader Kyle Jacks. Geary entered Saturday’s contest just 11 points behind leader teenager Colton Ray and the win will close the gap heading into the popular “Night of Fire” spectacular on July 3 at the Bullring.

Second went to K. Jacks followed by Mike McKearn and Ray.

Friday’s preliminary competition saw Peyton Harbison win the eight-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Bandolero main while Brucker too the 20-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Legends Young Lions and Reif captured the 20-lapper for the Pro/Master class.

NEXT RACE: The 2024 Star Nursery Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway comes back next Wednesday, July 3, for the popular “Night of Fire” featuring the CARS West Tour Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Legend cars, Factory Outlaw Stocks, Super Stocks, Bandoleros, the wild Skid Plate cars and the crazy “Waterless” Boat races plus a sensational fireworks show. Adult general admission is $15.00 with children 12 & under free. For more information, please contact the LVMS ticket office at 800-644-4444 or online at LVMS.com. For stockyard passes, please call 800-644-4444, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST.

2024 Bullring Racing Season, Round 7 for the Star Nursery Series

Saturday, June 22, 2024 (Starting position in [ ])


NASCAR Pro Late Models Pro Late Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 25-Jaron Giannini[8]; 2. 51-Jeffrey Peterson[7]; 3. 24-TJ Roberts[4]; 4. 18-Gavin Ray[6]; 5. 71R-Colton Ray[3]; 6. 77-Johnny Spilotro[2]; 7. 32-Steve Anderson[9]; 8. 5-David Anderson[10]; 9. 17-Ashton Leonard[5]; 10. 44-Dave Campoverde[1]; 11. 4-Derik Burns[11]

NASCAR Pro Late Models Pro Late Feature 2 (38 Laps): 1. 51-Jeffrey Peterson[7]; 2. 25-Jaron Giannini[8]; 3. 71R-Colton Ray[4]; 4. 24-TJ Roberts[6]; 5. 18-Gavin Ray[5]; 6. 77-Johnny Spilotro[3]; 7. 32-Steve Anderson[2]; 8. 44-Dave Campoverde[10]; 9. (DNS) 17-Ashton Leonard; 10. (DNS) 4-Derik Burns; 11. (DNS) 5-David Anderson

NASCAR Pro Late Models Pro Late Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 25-Jaron Giannini, 00:15.693[10]; 2. 51-Jeffrey Peterson, 00:15.742[11]; 3. 18-Gavin Ray, 00:15.840[6]; 4. 17-Ashton Leonard, 00:15.867[7]; 5. 24-TJ Roberts, 00:15.896[8]; 6. 71R-Colton Ray, 00:15.963[9]; 7. 77-Johnny Spilotro, 00:16.198[5]; 8. 44-Dave Campoverde, 00:16.306[1]; 9. 32-Steve Anderson, 00:16.352[4]; 10. 5-David Anderson, 00:16.427[3]; 11. 4-Derik Burns, 00:16.714[2]

NASCAR Pro Late Models Pro Late Hot Laps 1: 1. 25-Jaron Giannini, 00:15.944; 2. 51-Jeffrey Peterson, 00:16.009; 3. 71R-Colton Ray, 00:16.047; 4. 24-TJ Roberts, 00:16.047; 5. 17-Ashton Leonard, 00:16.187; 6. 18-Gavin Ray, 00:16.220; 7. 77-Johnny Spilotro, 00:16.255; 8. 32-Steve Anderson, 00:16.356; 9. 5-David Anderson, 00:16.500[1]; 10. 4-Derik Burns, 00:16.628; 11. 44-Dave Campoverde, 00:16.705


NASCAR 602 Modifieds 602 Modifieds A Feature 1 (35 Laps): 1. 4X-Doug Hamm[4]; 2. 29-Sam Jacks[6]; 3. 41-Kyle Jacks[7]; 4. 6-Brian Williams[2]; 5. 24-Ben Williams[5]; 6. 0Z-Scott Ozborn[1]; 7. 14X-Brian Reed[3]

NASCAR 602 Modifieds 602 Modifieds Hot Laps 1: 1. 4X-Doug Hamm, 00:15.622[1]; 2. 29-Sam Jacks, 00:15.665; 3. 14X-Brian Reed, 00:15.990; 4. 6-Brian Williams, 00:16.030; 5. 24-Ben Williams, 00:16.035; 6. 41-Kyle Jacks, 00:16.056; 7. 0Z-Scott Ozborn, 00:16.105


Bullring Bandoleros Bandolero Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne[1]; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison[2]; 3. 56-James Trimmer[3]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer[4]; 5. 12X-Mason Reed[6]; 6. 18B-Dylan Layne[5]; 7. 27-Maison Albright[7]; 8. 7X-Jeff Conners[8]; 9. 6-Karson Orth[9]

Bullring Bandoleros Bandolero Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:19.766[9]; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.005[8]; 3. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.223[7]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:21.172[6]; 5. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:21.605[4]; 6. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:22.094[5]; 7. 27-Maison Albright, 00:23.542[3]; 8. 7X-Jeff Conners, 00:24.492[2]; 9. 6-Karson Orth, 00:28.542[1]

Bullring Bandoleros Bandolero Practice 1: 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:19.753; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.163; 3. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.962; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:21.232; 5. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:22.098; 6. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:22.328; 7. 27-Maison Albright, 00:22.741[1]; 8. 7X-Jeff Conners, 00:26.345; 9. 6-Karson Orth, 00:29.197


US Legend Cars International Legends Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 2SP-Stephen Brucker[2]; 2. 20AYL-Ashton Williams[4]; 3. 9P-Tyler Reif[1]; 4. 88XP-Cody Brown[3]; 5. 17SP-Sean Salazar[5]; 6. 13-Andy Hulcy[7]; 7. 19YL-Keaton Harbison[8]; 8. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone[9]; 9. 34M-Scott Harbison[10]; 10. 22SP-Brian Albright[15]; 11. 11YL-Tanner Ash[6]; 12. 7BYL-Ellie Brucker[11]; 13. 68YL-Connor Podloski[12]; 14. 11S-Eric Sigwing[14]; 15. 2HSP-Parker Heffel[16]; 16. (DNS) 48Z-Zeke Anderson

US Legend Cars International Legends Qualifying (3 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.822[15]; 2. 2SP-Stephen Brucker, 00:16.871[16]; 3. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:16.944[14]; 4. 20AYL-Ashton Williams, 00:17.026[2]; 5. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.066[13]; 6. 11YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.079[10]; 7. 13-Andy Hulcy, 00:17.203[11]; 8. 19YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.227[12]; 9. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.270[9]; 10. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.346[8]; 11. 7BYL-Ellie Brucker, 00:17.548[6]; 12. 68YL-Connor Podloski, 00:17.667[7]; 13. 48Z-Zeke Anderson, 00:17.788[5]; 14. 11S-Eric Sigwing, 00:18.080[4]; 15. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:18.960[3]; 16. (DNS) 2HSP-Parker Heffel

US Legend Cars International Legends Practice 1: 1. 2SP-Stephen Brucker, 00:16.808; 2. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.894; 3. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:16.915; 4. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.050; 5. 19YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.072; 6. 13-Andy Hulcy, 00:17.080; 7. 11YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.168; 8. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.242; 9. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.261; 10. 68YL-Connor Podloski, 00:17.459; 11. 7BYL-Ellie Brucker, 00:17.537; 12. 48Z-Zeke Anderson, 00:17.540; 13. 11S-Eric Sigwing, 00:17.927; 14. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:18.457[1]


Bullring Plate Cars Skid Plates Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 17-Jeff Dailey[9]; 2. 24-Greg Lee[7]; 3. 7-Christina Harper[6]; 4. 6W-Ben Williams[10]; 5. 95-Dylan Hummel[8]; 6. 71-Rich McMahon[1]; 7. 6-AJ Hintsala[3]; 8. 11-Greg Matta[4]; 9. 10 4-Cordelia Latham[5]; 10. 4X-Cecilia Dillie[2]

Bullring Skid Plates Skid Plates Trophy Dash (6 Laps): 1. 24-Greg Lee[7]; 2. 7-Christina Harper[6]; 3. 71-Rich McMahon[1]; 4. 95-Dylan Hummel[8]; 5. 6W-Ben Williams[10]; 6. 6-AJ Hintsala[3]; 7. 11-Greg Matta[4]; 8. 4X-Cecilia Dillie[2]; 9. 10 4-Cordelia Latham[5]; 10. (DNS) 17-Jeff Dailey

Bullring Skid Plates Skid Plates Hot Laps 1: 1. 6W-Ben Williams, 00:30.666; 2. 7-Christina Harper, 00:30.841; 3. 17-Jeff Dailey, 00:31.188[1]; 4. 6-AJ Hintsala, 00:34.786; 5. 4X-Cecilia Dillie, 00:35.876; 6. 10 4-Cordelia Latham, 00:36.436


NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Outlaw Factory Stocks Feature (25 Laps): 1. 21-Michael Miller[6]; 2. 96X-Vinny Raucci Jr[5]; 3. 96-Pete Meyer[7]; 4. 11-Rob Pfaffly[8]; 5. 09M-Anthony Mann; 6. 07-Vinny Raucci Sr[3]; 7. 43-Jacob Quartaro[4]; 8. 03-Stephen Irvine[2]; 9. 97-Nick Lautenbach[1]

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Outlaw Factory Stocks 1: 1. 21-Michael Miller, 00:18.793; 2. 43-Jacob Quartaro, 00:18.865; 3. 11-Rob Pfaffly, 00:18.965; 4. 97-Nick Lautenbach, 00:19.068; 5. 96X-Vinny Raucci Jr, 00:19.116; 6. 07-Vinny Raucci Sr, 00:20.227; 7. 03-Stephen Irvine, 00:21.991[1]


NASCAR Super Stocks Super Stocks A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 45-Don Geary[5]; 2. 4-Kyle Jacks[2]; 3. 64-Mike McKearn[4]; 4. 18-Colton Ray[3]; 5. (DNS) 00-Anthony Mann

NASCAR Super Stocks Super Stocks Practice 1: 1. 45-Don Geary, 00:16.934[1]; 2. 64-Mike McKearn, 00:17.221; 3. 18-Colton Ray, 00:17.457

Friday, June 21, 2024 (Starting position in [ ])


Bullring Bandoleros A Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 9-Peyton Harbison[3]; 2. 56-James Trimmer[2]; 3. 21W-Wyatt Layne[1]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer[4]; 5. 18B-Dylan Layne[7]; 6. 12X-Mason Reed[5]; 7. 27-Maison Albright[6]; 8. 6-Karson Orth[8]

Bullring Bandoleros Hot Laps 1: 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:20.026; 2. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.335; 3. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.360; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:21.566; 5. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:22.408; 6. 27-Maison Albright, 00:22.808[1]; 7. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:23.039; 8. 6-Karson Orth, 00:34.326


US Legend Cars International Legend SP / YL Feature (20 Laps): 1. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker[2]; 2. 17SP-Sean Salazar[7]; 3. 20AYL-Ashton Williams[5]; 4. 18SP-Keller Meechudhone[8]; 5. 11YL-Tanner Ash[3]; 6. 7YL-Ellie Brucker[10]; 7. 22SP-Brian Albright[4]; 8. 68YL-Connor Podloski[6]; 9. 34YL-Keaton Harbison[9]; 10. 2SP-Parker Heffel[1]

US Legend Cars International Legend SP / YL Practice 1: 1. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker, 00:16.957; 2. 18SP-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.150; 3. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.223; 4. 20AYL-Ashton Williams, 00:17.276; 5. 11YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.297; 6. 7YL-Ellie Brucker, 00:17.787; 7. 34YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.936; 8. 68YL-Connor Podloski, 00:18.452; 9. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:19.143[1]


US Legend Cars International Legend Pro / Master Feature (10 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif[2]; 2. 88XP-Cody Brown[1]; 3. 13H-Andy Hulcy[4]; 4. 34MMM-Scott Harbison[3]

US Legend Cars International Legend Pro / Master Practice 1: 1. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.941; 2. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:17.024[1]; 3. 13H-Andy Hulcy, 00:17.116; 4. 34MMM-Scott Harbison, 00:17.390