It was called the “Throwback Night to Remember” last Saturday at the Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and it definitely lived up to the name with a wild and crazy night in Round 9 of the Star Nursery Series of short track racing.

With the temperatures heating up in the Las Vegas area, the action on the 3/8-mile paved oval was just as hot with many regulars and familiar faces back in the Star Nursery victory lane. But while it was the “Flag Day” weekend, the usual flag thrown in the starter’s stand was unfortunately the “red” flag.

The legendary Las Vegas Bullring Fire and Safety crew was in action much more than they would have liked as they used about every piece of equipment on Saturday night including the dreaded “Jaws of Life.” Luckily all drivers checked out okay by the ambulance crew.

But it was a wild night with red flags in the Factory Outlaw Stocks, Pro Late Models, Bandoleros and even the Legend Cars. With point titles on the line with the July 3 “Night of Fire” remaining this year, the on-track competition got a little too feisty.

The Pro Late Model division featured two 30-lap main events and two familiar faces scored their first 2023 wins with multi-time race winners Justin Johnson and Jaron Gianinni returning to the winner’s circle with their respective No. 17 and No. 25 machines.

In the 30-lap Pro Late Model opener, Johnson, one of the winningest racers in Bullring history, took off and could not be caught in the Al Budd-owned stock car with a triumph over Kyle Keller, Bullring point leader Jeff Peterson, Giannini, young Ricky Gutierrez and 2022 Bullring champion Scott Gafforini. Rounding out the top-ten were T.R. Roberts, young Monty Tipton, Enzo Lalama and veteran Mark Allison.

“We finally got this new car to victory lane,” said Johnson, a two-time class champion last year in the Modifieds and Super Stocks. “As usual, I’d like to thank the fans who come out each time here at the Bullring as well as my family and friends. It’s great to be back in the winner’s circle.”

In race two for the Pro Late Models saw a quick red flag when Dave Campoverde slid upside down in his stock car and walked away. Then Gianinni came from fifth starting position to grab the top spot and held the advantage to the checkered flag in the 30-lapper. Keller, a multi-time Bullring winner this year, took another runner-up spot followed by Johnson, who nipped Tipton late in the race for a podium (top-three) spot. Tipton, the Utah teenager, placed fourth followed by Peterson, Gafforini, Allison, Gutierrez, David Anderson and Roberts.

In the always competitive lap USCLI MH Building Specialists/JBM Underground

Legends Cars, it looked to be a Tyler Reif Night with fast time and a feature win, but older brother Tanner had other ideas. Unfortunately, the reg flag appeared on lap 1 with Bullring Rich Chelberg hit hard in turns one and two and the Safety crew need the “Jaws of Life” to be used to extract Chelberg from his machine. Rich was alert and talking with the Safety Crew.

Once the 25-lap feature got away, it was Tyler Reif grabbing the lead from his pole position with Tanner battling for the coveted lead spot. As usual, the two local racers with 2022 national Legend Cars titles, Cody Brown and Jordan Holloway, weren’t about to let the Reif brothers slip away from them.

As the race came down to the final lap, Tyler and Tanner Reif were 1-2 but big brother decided to give little brother a nudge in turn four and slip by for the checkered flag. Brown took third followed by Holloway, Brendan Tracy, Roberts, Andy Hulcy, Lonnie Hochstetler, Alex Rose and Gavin Ray.

“Our cars are identical,” said Tanner Reif in victory lane. “And the only way to get by was to give Tyler a little push. It’s always fun to come back to our home track in the Legends Cars since we are racing elsewhere most of the time now. I’d like to thank the fans who support the Bullring each year.”

After Johnson, Giannini and Tanner Reif scored their first Bullring features of the year, the Bullring victory lane on Saturday was filled to multi-time 2023 winners with veteran Doug Hamm, in a “throwback” scheme machine of legendary Dick Attasani, for the Modifieds; Jason Kiser in the Super Stocks; Rob Pfaffly in the Nostalgia Street Rods Factory Outlaw Stocks, Ashton Leonard in USCLI MH Building Specialists/JBM Underground Bandoleros and Jr. Late Models; and Ben Williams in the Bullring Skid Plate Cars.

In the 20-lapper for the 602 Modifieds, Hamm came from fifth to vaulted to the lead and went on to add to his long list of feature wins. Kayli Barker Peterson held the lead early and looked to have a solid runner-up spot. However, Brian Williams got by Peterson on the restart for second and Kayli had to settle for third. Completing the top-five for the Modifieds were Jimmy Petrie and Ben Williams.

Speaking of Ben Williams, the former Bullring Skip Plate champion came from the back again Saturday night and dodged the wild and popular action that is the 12-lap Skip Plate main event. A big 13-car field made for spinning and crashing throughout the 3/8-mile oval and proved to be a crowd favorite again. Greg Lee also was able to avoid much of the contact for second with Jetski star Greg Matta rounding out the podium. Following the top three were Ken Coombs, James Werner and Berenice Hernandez.

In the Factory Outlaw Stock 20-lap feature, multi-time race winner Matt Frady Jr. had issues early in the contest and had to get repairs. But Frady returned to the rear of the field, as Bullring series champion Michael Miller holding the lead early. Miller, also had his car suffer issues on Friday, wasn’t sure if he could even race on Saturday night, but the Las Vegas racer looked strong in the finale.

But Miller couldn’t hold off Pfaffly, who won the main event, or Frady who came charging back to finish second. Miller had to take the third spot followed by Brad Thompson, Pete Meyer, Derrick Utley and popular Sheri Goldstrom.

Another Bullring multi-time winner was Jason Kiser in the Super Stock, as the local racer drove his strong No. 49 to the win in the 20-lap race with second going to Gavin Ray followed by Don Geary, Mike McKearn and Bill Paddock Jr.

Leonard, the defending Bandoleros track champion, held off his buddy, Logan Gresser, for the win the 12-lap Bandoleros feature with third going to Joseph Montoya, his first time with a podium finish. Amelia Suell and Heaton Harbison, both winners in the heats, looked to be contenders in the final but suffered DNFs in the 12-lap race.

Leonard, who made multiple changes to his machine before the main, came to win in the 20-lap Junior Late Model race over “Cowboy” Bryson Brown and Brody Manning.

In the opening event of the night, the Battle of the Badges, had two firefighters versus two police officers in a four-lap Skid Plate race. Both sides were even in victories with four each entering Saturday’s action, but the police side came out on top with Ryan Matheson in victory lane over Kris Coovert, Brian Shea and Aaron Bleck.

Now, the big “Battle of the Badges” finale with nine drivers in the July 3 “Night of Fire” for the “Badges Championship.

NEXT RACE: The 2023 Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway presented by Star Nursery race schedule continues on Saturday, July 3, with popular “Night of Fire,”  as well as Oct. 13 “Star Nursery 150” with the ARCA Menards Series and Oct. 28 with the Star Nursery Classic. Adult general admission for the majority of the Star Nursery Series events is $8.00 with children 12 & under free at all Bullring events. For more information, please contact the LVMS ticket office at 800-644-4444 or online at For stockyard passes, please call 800-644-4444, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST.

Bullring Racing Season, Round 9 for the Star Nursery Series

Saturday, June 17, 2023 (Starting position in [ ])


NASCAR Pro Late Models A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 17-Justin Johnson[1]; 2. 12-Kyle Keller[2]; 3. 90-Jeff Peterson[4]; 4. 25-Jaron Giannini[3]; 5. 78-Ricky Gutierrez[6]; 6. 38-Scott Gafforini[10]; 7. 24-TJ Roberts[9]; 8. 14-Monty Tipton[5]; 9. 43-Enzo Lalama[8]; 10. 5A-Mark Allison[16]; 11. 15-Alex Eskandari[7]; 12. 5-David Anderson[13]; 13. 44-Dave Campoverde[15]; 14. 0-Brent Scheidemantle[11]; 15. 77-Johnny Spilotro[12]; 16. 22-Aaron Mc Morran[14]; 17. (DNS) 38B-Henry Barton; 18. (DNS) 18-Houston Simonette

Nascar Pro Late Models A Feature 2 (30 Laps): 1. 25-Jaron Giannini[5]; 2. 12-Kyle Keller[7]; 3. 17-Justin Johnson[8]; 4. 14-Monty Tipton[1]; 5. 90-Jeff Peterson[6]; 6. 38-Scott Gafforini[3]; 7. 5A-Mark Allison[10]; 8. 78-Ricky Gutierrez[4]; 9. 5-David Anderson[12]; 10. 24-TJ Roberts[2]; 11. 43-Enzo Lalama[9]; 12. 0-Brent Scheidemantle[14]; 13. 38B-Henry Barton[17]; 14. 22-Aaron Mc Morran[16]; 15. (DNF) 44-Dave Campoverde[13]; 16. (DNF) 15-Alex Eskandari[11]; 17. (DNF) 77-Johnny Spilotro

NASCAR Pro Late Models Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 17-Justin Johnson, 00:15.493[17]; 2. 12-Kyle Keller, 00:15.537[16]; 3. 25-Jaron Giannini, 00:15.607[18]; 4. 90-Jeff Peterson, 00:15.629[14]; 5. 14-Monty Tipton, 00:15.722[15]; 6. 78-Ricky Gutierrez, 00:15.723[13]; 7. 15-Alex Eskandari, 00:15.753[12]; 8. 43-Enzo Lalama, 00:15.875[8]; 9. 24-TJ Roberts, 00:15.910[10]; 10. 38-Scott Gafforini, 00:15.946[9]; 11. 38B-Henry Barton, 00:15.954[7]; 12. 0-Brent Scheidemantle, 00:16.200[4]; 13. 77-Johnny Spilotro, 00:16.231[6]; 14. 5-David Anderson, 00:16.330[5]; 15. 22-Aaron Mc Morran, 00:16.671[1]; 16. 44-Dave Campoverde, 00:16.698[3]

Nascar Pro Late Models Hot Laps 1: 1. 25-Jaron Giannini, 00:15.861; 2. 17-Justin Johnson, 00:15.896; 3. 12-Kyle Keller, 00:15.903; 4. 14-Monty Tipton, 00:15.971; 5. 90-Jeff Peterson, 00:16.008; 6. 78-Ricky Gutierrez, 00:16.034; 7. 15-Alex Eskandari, 00:16.075; 8. 5A-Mark Allison, 00:16.111; 9. 24-TJ Roberts, 00:16.175; 10. 38-Scott Gafforini, 00:16.192; 11. 43-Enzo Lalama, 00:16.259; 12. 38B-Henry Barton, 00:16.285; 13. 77-Johnny Spilotro, 00:16.379; 14. 5-David Anderson, 00:16.490[1]; 15. 0-Brent Scheidemantle, 00:16.523; 16. 44-Dave Campoverde, 00:16.897


NASCAR 602 Modifieds A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 77-Doug Hamm[5]; 2. 6W-Brian Williams[3]; 3. 34+2-Kayli Barker[2]; 4. 5H-Jimmy Petrie[4]; 5. 24-Ben Williams[1]; 6. 12-Derik Burns[10]; 7. (DNF) 41-Kyle Jacks[7]; 8. (DNF) 15-Skylar Mortensen[9]; 9. (DNF) 51-Brenden Ruzbarsky[6]; 10. (DNF) 29-Sam Jacks[8]

Nascar 602 Modifieds Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 29-Sam Jacks[4]; 2. 51-Brenden Ruzbarsky[5]; 3. 5H-Jimmy Petrie[2]; 4. 34+2-Kayli Barker[3]; 5. 15-Skylar Mortensen[1]

NASCAR 602 Modifieds Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 41-Kyle Jacks[4]; 2. 77-Doug Hamm[3]; 3. 6W-Brian Williams[2]; 4. 24-Ben Williams[1]; 5. 12-Derik Burns[5]

NASCAR 602 Modifieds Hot Laps 1: 1. 77-Doug Hamm, 00:15.701[1]; 2. 41-Kyle Jacks, 00:15.726; 3. 29-Sam Jacks, 00:15.797; 4. 51-Brenden Ruzbarsky, 00:15.811; 5. 6W-Brian Williams, 00:15.819; 6. 34+2-Kayli Barker, 00:15.928; 7. 5H-Jimmy Petrie, 00:16.091; 8. 24-Ben Williams, 00:16.186; 9. 12-Derik Burns, 00:16.298


USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 17-Ashton Leonard[3]; 2. 45G-Logan Gresser[4]; 3. 48-Joseph Montoya[6]; 4. 21W-Wyatt Layne[7]; 5. 25-Piper Suell[9]; 6. (DNF) 16-Amelia Suell[1]; 7. (DNF) 56-James Trimmer[5]; 8. (DNF) 16T-Leila Trimmer[8]; 9. (DNF) 9-Keaton Harbison[2]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Heat 1 (5 Laps): 1. 16-Amelia Suell[3]; 2. 17-Ashton Leonard[4]; 3. 56-James Trimmer[2]; 4. 21W-Wyatt Layne[5]; 5. 25-Piper Suell[1]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Heat 2 (5 Laps): 1. 9-Keaton Harbison[3]; 2. 45G-Logan Gresser[4]; 3. 48-Joseph Montoya[2]; 4. 16T-Leila Trimmer[1]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Hot Laps 1: 1. 9-Keaton Harbison, 00:19.563; 2. 16-Amelia Suell, 00:19.615; 3. 17-Ashton Leonard, 00:19.625; 4. 45G-Logan Gresser, 00:19.904[1]; 5. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.174; 6. 48-Joseph Montoya, 00:20.188; 7. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:20.408; 8. 16T-Leila Trimmer, 00:20.630; 9. 25-Piper Suell, 00:20.771


USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 4P-Tanner Reif[2]; 2. 9P-Tyler Reif[1]; 3. 88XP-Cody Brown[6]; 4. 12JP-Jordan Holloway[3]; 5. 98SP-Brendan Tracy[4]; 6. 24SP-TJ Roberts[7]; 7. 13M-Andy Hulcy[5]; 8. 31M-Lonnie Hochstetler[8]; 9. 92SP-Alex Roe[11]; 10. 18RSP-Gavin Ray[10]; 11. 53M-Bruce Silver[13]; 12. 18YL-Keller Meechudhone[17]; 13. 35G-Landon Gresser[14]; 14. 4YL-Tanner Ash[15]; 15. 34M-Scott Harbison[12]; 16. 91SP-Sarah Chelberg[19]; 17. 11-Eric Sigwing[21]; 18. 45ZSP-Zeke Anderson[20]; 19. 32M-Scott Anderson[9]; 20. 64M-Zeke Hanger[16]; 21. 19CM-Rick Chelberg[18]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.810[20]; 2. 4P-Tanner Reif, 00:16.836[21]; 3. 12JP-Jordan Holloway, 00:16.876[19]; 4. 98SP-Brendan Tracy, 00:16.899[13]; 5. 13M-Andy Hulcy, 00:16.916[14]; 6. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:16.919[17]; 7. 24SP-TJ Roberts, 00:16.998[16]; 8. 31M-Lonnie Hochstetler, 00:17.063[15]; 9. 32M-Scott Anderson, 00:17.111[18]; 10. 18RSP-Gavin Ray, 00:17.163[11]; 11. 92SP-Alex Roe, 00:17.365[9]; 12. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.388[5]; 13. 53M-Bruce Silver, 00:17.396[8]; 14. 35G-Landon Gresser, 00:17.403[10]; 15. 4YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.482[7]; 16. 64M-Zeke Hanger, 00:17.532[12]; 17. 18YL-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.584[6]; 18. 19CM-Rick Chelberg, 00:17.857[2]; 19. 91SP-Sarah Chelberg, 00:18.366[4]; 20. 45ZSP-Zeke Anderson, 00:18.471[3]; 21. 11-Eric Sigwing[1]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Hot Laps 1: 1. 4P-Tanner Reif, 00:16.779; 2. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.782; 3. 12JP-Jordan Holloway, 00:16.871; 4. 32M-Scott Anderson, 00:16.888[1]; 5. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:16.908; 6. 24SP-TJ Roberts, 00:16.933; 7. 31M-Lonnie Hochstetler, 00:16.973; 8. 13M-Andy Hulcy, 00:17.015; 9. 98SP-Brendan Tracy, 00:17.017; 10. 64M-Zeke Hanger, 00:17.138; 11. 18RSP-Gavin Ray, 00:17.177; 12. 35G-Landon Gresser, 00:17.219; 13. 92SP-Alex Roe, 00:17.228; 14. 53M-Bruce Silver, 00:17.268; 15. 4YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.365; 16. 18YL-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.394; 17. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.514; 18. 91SP-Sarah Chelberg, 00:18.067; 19. 45ZSP-Zeke Anderson, 00:18.166; 20. 19CM-Rick Chelberg, 00:18.255; 21. 11-Eric Sigwing, 00:18.436


Bullring Plate Cars A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 6-Ben Williams[16]; 2. 21-Greg Lee[15]; 3. 11-Greg Matta[10]; 4. 5K-Ken Coombs[12]; 5. 22-James Werner[8]; 6. 71-Berenice Hernandez[13]; 7. 10 4XX-Kris Coovert[6]; 8. 83-Jeff Dailey[14]; 9. 911XX-Ryan Mathesen[7]; 10. 2-Jeff Bargerhuff[11]; 11. 7-Christina Harper[9]; 12. 712-Jason Anichowski[1]; 13. X-Brad Hayes[2]

Bullring Skid Plate Cars Battle of the Badge (4 Laps): 1. 911XX-Ryan Mathesen[1]; 2. 10 4XX-Kris Coovert[4]; 3. 84XX-Brian Shea[3]; 4. XX-Aaron Bleck[2]

Bullring Hot Laps 1: 1. 7-Christina Harper, 00:31.550; 2. 6-Ben Williams, 00:31.950; 3. 11-Greg Matta, 00:34.051; 4. 71-Berenice Hernandez, 00:35.058; 5. 5K-Ken Coombs, 00:35.595; 6. 911XX-Ryan Mathesen, 00:36.118; 7. 10 4XX-Kris Coovert, 00:36.509; 8. 22-James Werner, 00:36.627; 9. 84XX-Brian Shea, 00:37.800; 10. XX-Aaron Bleck, 00:40.884[1]


NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 11-Rob Pfaffly[7]; 2. 00-Matt Frady Jr[4]; 3. 21-Michael Miller[1]; 4. 34-Brad Thompson[8]; 5. 96-Pete Meyer[5]; 6. 47-Derrick Utley[10]; 7. 14-Sheri Goldstrom[6]; 8. 129-Stephen Irvine[11]; 9. 09M-Anthony Mann[2]; 10. 97-Nick Lautenbach[9]; 11. 17-Dallas Simonette[3]

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 00-Matt Frady Jr[6]; 2. 09M-Anthony Mann[1]; 3. 96-Pete Meyer[4]; 4. 11-Rob Pfaffly[5]; 5. 97-Nick Lautenbach[3]

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 17-Dallas Simonette[3]; 2. 21-Michael Miller[5]; 3. 14-Sheri Goldstrom[4]; 4. 34-Brad Thompson[2]

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Hot Laps 1: 1. 11-Rob Pfaffly, 00:18.700; 2. 00-Matt Frady Jr, 00:18.780[1]; 3. 17-Dallas Simonette, 00:19.092; 4. 21-Michael Miller, 00:19.117; 5. 09M-Anthony Mann, 00:19.194; 6. 96-Pete Meyer, 00:19.377; 7. 34-Brad Thompson, 00:19.819; 8. 47-Derrick Utley, 00:19.845; 9. 14-Sheri Goldstrom, 00:19.846


Bullring Super Stocks A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 49-Jason Kiser[4]; 2. 18-Gavin Ray[3]; 3. 45-Don Geary[2]; 4. 64-Mike McKearn[1]; 5. 60-Bill Paddack Jr[5]

Bullring Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 49-Jason Kiser[4]; 2. 64-Mike McKearn[1]; 3. 18-Gavin Ray[5]; 4. 45-Don Geary[2]; 5. 60-Bill Paddack Jr[6]

Super Stocks Practice 1: 1. 49-Jason Kiser, 00:16.907; 2. 45-Don Geary, 00:17.134[1]; 3. 64-Mike McKearn, 00:17.176; 4. 18-Gavin Ray, 01:16.038


Bullring A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 17-Ashton Leonard[1]; 2. 45-Bryson Brown[3]; 3. 12-Brody Manning[2]

Bullring Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 17-Ashton Leonard[1]; 2. 12-Brody Manning[3]; 3. 45-Bryson Brown[2]

Bullring Hot Laps 1: 1. 17-Ashton Leonard, 00:16.281; 2. 45-Bryson Brown, 00:16.505