In addition to being a loyal NASCAR fan, Toni Jackson is now the answer to a trivia question.

The Bellflower, Calif., resident was the first racing fan to secure tickets to both 2018 NASCAR Weekends at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in March and September when she renewed online on March 8, just hours after it was announced the speedway will have two event weekends next year. Jackson, who has attended LVMS' spring races with her husband, Steve, since 2004, was excited to learn she is the track's first annual ticketholder and thrilled to hear about the addition of a second race weekend.

"I can't believe I was the first one," said Jackson, who routinely attends the track's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race each fall. "I was excited when they finally said (LVMS) was going to get a second race, and we were hoping they would get it for a long time."

Jackson said there are several aspects of attending races at LVMS she enjoys.

"I think the atmosphere is great, and with all the NASCAR fans, it's just like a family," she said. "Las Vegas is kind of like our home away from home. No matter where you stay or what you're doing, you always see something that's NASCAR, so you feel included. (The speedway) is easy to get in and out of, and we have nice seats. It's the only track we go to now."

Jackson's racing roots and love for motorsports runs deep.

"I've been a racing fan all my life," she said. "I grew up riding motorcycles and going to Ascot Speedway. I grew up with motorcycles, then we graduated to drag racing and then to NASCAR probably in about 1998."

She is excited about having two trips to LVMS next year.

"I can't wait," she said. "We love it there."

Fans can attend both of LVMS' 2018 racing weekends for as low as $149, and payment plans are also offered. Tickets to all of LVMS' events are available by calling 1-800-644-4444 or logging on to