The annual “Night of Fire” at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Wednesday night (July 3) was another popular hit for the big crowd as fireworks were ignited on the track and in the sky for Round 8 in the 10-race Star Nursery Series.

Despite 109-degree weather Wednesday to kickoff the ‘Fourth of July” weekend, the large fan turnout in the grandstands and in the ‘Stockyards’ were delighted by the aerial show and the action on the 3/8-mile paved oval which included feature races with the 100-lap zMAX CARS WEST TOUR Pro Late Models, the 30-lap NASCAR 602 Modifieds, 30-lap MMI Legends Cars, 25-lap Nostalgia Hot Rods Factory Outlaw Stocks, 25-lap NASCAR Super Stocks, 12-lap USLCI Bandoleros, the wild 12-lap Skip Plate Cars and the night-ending “Waterless Boat Race.”

Many familiar names returned to the Bullring Victory Lane Wednesday night but there were also some new drivers gracing the winner’s circle for their initial celebration in 2024.

The fast zMAX CARS WEST TOUR brought in drivers and machinery from around the West Coast to fight for the coveted Las Vegas Trophy and big cash as the field was attempting to stop the reign of current Bullring track champion Jeffery Peterson, who captured the June 15 CARS TOUR WEST main event at the Las Vegas racing plant as well as the June 22 Pro Late Model feature.

At the drop of the green flag in the CARS final, it was local star Jaron Giannini, the third quickest qualifier, who drove his No. 25 JGR/VersaTile and Stone stock car to the front of the fast field with Peterson, pole winner Parker Malone, Linny White and young Gavin Ray in hot pursuit. After a caution period on lap nine, Peterson began to apply the pressure to Giannini for the next 30 laps before sliding to the inside of the Henderson, NV, driver on lap 38. Giannini attempted to fight back but had to pit on lap 54 with a flat tire.

It was basically Peterson’s race for the next 45 circuits as the Grand Terrace, CA, racer drove his Tri-City Towing No. 51 machine to his third Bullring feature win in four weeks. California competitors Trevor Huddleston and Kenna Mitchell made up the top-three podium finishers followed by Mike Weimann, Giannini, Andrew Chapman, Amilleo Thomson, Colton Ray, Gavin Ray, Johnny Spilotro, Malone, White and T.J. Roberts.

“It’s always nice to win at the Bullring and definitely in front of the big ‘Night of Fire’ crowd,” said Peterson in victory lane. “We made a 30-lap run last night in practice and we never fell out of the 15-second bracket, so I knew the car would be fast tonight. We didn’t start real well tonight, but the car was good after 10-lap runs. I want to thank Jaron for racing me clean tonight.  I have to thank Clay Wooster for letting me drive this badass race car and Linny White for setting it up. Thanks to everyone who helps make this win possible and the great crowd at the Bullring.”

While Peterson celebrated another Bullring victory, a Bullring legend added to his incredible victory record in the NASCAR 602 Modifieds with nine-time Bullring champion Doug Hamm taking the 30-lap main event. And this time we saw the famed “Hound Dog Shuffle” on top of his famous No. 4X Western Elite machine in victory lane.

Hamm didn’t grab the lead Wednesday until lap 16 when he pulled alongside early leader Sam Jacks down the backstraight and slid inside in turn three for the lead. On the lap 19 restart, Hamm had to fight off Sam and Kyle Jacks, two Modified feature winners in 2024, but opened the gap for another Bullring victory. Kyle Jacks had to settle for the runner-up spot followed by his brother, Sam, and Brian and Ben Williams.

“It is still exciting to win here at Bullring and I can’t do it without the support of my family and friends as well as Western Elite, Ewin Brothers, Misfit, Phil’s Fabrication, VersaTile and Stone and others,” said Hamm. “It’s fun to race against the Jacks boys. They race hard, and I’m not sure I left Sam enough room in turn three and I apologize for that. Thanks to all of the big crowd tonight.”

While Hamm is one of the true veterans at the Bullring, the crowd got to see one of Las Vegas’ new young stars in 17-year-old Tyler Reif of Henderson, NV, who plans to take his racing career to North Carolina in the near future and enter the national NASCAR ranks.

Reif, a regular on the ARCA Menards West tour, returned to his home track and didn’t disappoint his fans and family with another impressive win in the 25-lap MMI Legend Cars finale, leading all 30 laps in the No. 9 car. The high school senior, who set the quickest qualifying time, jumped to the lead at the green flag and held off a few challengers late in the contest. But it was Tyler in command throughout in the 30 laps and finished it off with a series of ‘donuts’ in victory lane.

Second went to the June 22 feature winner Stephen Brucker of Alpine, CA, followed by Logan Chambers, Alex Roe, Cody Brown, Ashton Williams, Scott Harbison, Tanner Ash, Sean Salazar, Keller Meechudhone and Brian Albright.

“I had a great racecar tonight and I came to prove my point that I can win in these cars again,” said Reif. “My luck has been pretty bad here so far, so I am glad we could put the No. 9 back in victory lane. I have a great team and crew and it is nice to win for them.”

In one of the closest finishes of the night came in the 25-lap NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rods Outlaw Factory Stock main event as Michael Miller won his second straight feature win of the 2024 Bullring season, but it wasn’t easy for the Las Vegas driver. The former track champion jumped out to an early lead and looked to be on his way to a solid win. However, a late charge by veteran Rob Pfaffly gave Miller a wild last lap fight at the checkered flag.

Miller was able to go wide in turn four and held off the inside move by Rob “P” at the finish. Third went to another veteran, Pete Meyer, followed by Nick Lautenbach, Anthony Mann, Nick Mancari and Stephen Irvine.

Newcomers to the Bullring Winner’s Circle in 2024 included Mike McKearn in the 25-lap NASCAR Super Stocks, female racer Peyton Harbison in the 12-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Bandoleros and the return of the dreaded “Racer X” in the 12-lap Skid Plates.

McKearn played it safe in the Super Stock action as early leaders Colton Ray and Jason Kiser fought for the top position throughout the first 20 laps, but Ray and Kiser made contact in turn two fighting for the lead on lap 22. That confrontation gave McKearn the lead and he went on to take the checkered flag and his first 2024 triumph.

Ray came back to place second with a late pass on June 22 feature winner Don Geary with fourth and fifth going to Adam Simon and Kiser.

Harbison also had to challenge early leader Wyatt Layne in the 12-lap Bandoleros main and took the lead on lap seven and held off Layne for her first 2024 feature win. The win for Harbison moves her closer to the Bullring point lead with two races remaining in the 2024 Star Nursery Series.

Layne finished second followed by Tanner Ash, Leila Trimmer, Mason Reed, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Maison Albright, Dylan Layne, Karson Orth and James Trimmer.

The 12-lap Skid Plate race had the big crowd on their feet as the 11 competitors battled around the Bullring oval with plenty of spins and collisions before the checkered flag flew. The return of the infamous “Racer X” came from the pack of the field to dodge a lot of wreckage and win his first Skid Plate event of the 2024 season.

In typical fashion, “Racer X” took his trophy in victory lane and he and his car were towed back to the pit area, with no winner’s interview or identity given.  Second went to Jeff Dailey, battling for the Bullring championship in his No. 83, followed by Dylan Hummel, former champion Ben Williams, Ed Shoemaker, Rich McMahon, A.J. Hintsala, Trophy Dash winner Christina Harper, Cecilia Dillie, Kaycee Frost and Greg Lee.

In the crowd-pleasing “Waterless Boat” finale, the track was watered down and a dozen vehicles, some with boats and some without, made for a wild conclusion to the night.

Tuesday’s preliminary racing had Harbison winning the eight-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Bandolero main while Reif won the 20-lap USLCI M&H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Legends class.

NEXT RACE: While a summer break scheduled now, the 2024 Star Nursery Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway returns on Saturday, Sept. 7, for the annual “Fan Appreciation Night” with special prizes given away to the fans featuring the NASCAR Pro Late Models twin features, Modifieds, Legend cars, Factory Outlaw Stocks, Super Stocks, Bandoleros and the popular Skid Plate cars. Adult general admission is $8.00 with children 12 & under free. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with racing starting at 7 p.m.  For more information, please contact the LVMS ticket office at 800-644-4444 or online at For stockyard passes, please call 800-644-4444, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST.

2024 Bullring Racing Season, Round 8 for the Star Nursery Series

‘Night of Fire” - Wednesday, July 3, 2024 (Starting position in [ ])


zMax CARS WEST TOUR Pro Late Model Feature 1 (100 Laps): 1. 51-Jeffrey Peterson[2]; 2. 50-Trevor Huddleston[13]; 3. 7-Kenna Mitchell[10]; 4. 2-Mike Weimann[7]; 5. 25-Jaron Giannini[3]; 6. 55-Andrew Chapman[11]; 7. 14X-Amilleo Thomson[9]; 8. 71R-Colton Ray[6]; 9. 18-Gavin Ray[5]; 10. 77-Johnny Spilotro[12]; 11. 36-Parker Malone[1]; 12. 55W-Linny White[4]; 13. 24-TJ Roberts[8]

NASCAR Pro Late Models Pro Late Hot Laps 1: 1. 51-Jeffrey Peterson, 00:15.778[6]; 2. 36-Parker Malone, 00:16.008[4]; 3. 7-Kenna Mitchell, 00:16.066[5]; 4. 55W-Linny White, 00:16.076[11]; 5. 2-Mike Weimann, 00:16.175[10]; 6. 71R-Colton Ray, 00:16.219; 7. 18-Gavin Ray, 00:16.383[7]; 8. 77-Johnny Spilotro, 00:16.402; 9. 55-Andrew Chapman, 00:16.739[1]; 10. 14X-Amilleo Thomson, 00:17.113[9]; 11. 24-TJ Roberts, 00:18.543[8]; 12. 25-Jaron Giannini, 00:19.311[2]; 13. 50-Trevor Huddleston[3]


NASCAR 602 Modifieds 602 Modifieds Feature (30 Laps): 1. 4X-Doug Hamm[5]; 2. 41-Kyle Jacks[4]; 3. 29-Sam Jacks[3]; 4. 6-Brian Williams[2]; 5. 24-Ben Williams[6]; 6. 7B-David Boardman[8]; 7. 1-Jimmy Petrie[9]; 8. 0Z-Scott Ozborn[7]; 9. 14X-Brian Reed[1]; 10. 21M-Billy Mitchell[10]; 11. 75-Robby Clutts[11]

NASCAR 602 Modifieds Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 4X-Doug Hamm, 00:15.646[1]; 2. 41-Kyle Jacks, 00:15.712[11]; 3. 29-Sam Jacks, 00:15.721[10]; 4. 6-Brian Williams, 00:15.827[9]; 5. 14X-Brian Reed, 00:15.903[8]; 6. 24-Ben Williams, 00:16.001[7]; 7. 0Z-Scott Ozborn, 00:16.081[6]; 8. 7B-David Boardman, 00:16.198[5]; 9. 1-Jimmy Petrie, 00:16.210[4]; 10. 21M-Billy Mitchell, 00:16.263[3]; 11. 75-Robby Clutts, 00:16.730[2]

NASCAR 602 Modifieds Hot Laps: 1. 41-Kyle Jacks, 00:15.783[3]; 2. 29-Sam Jacks, 00:15.863[4]; 3. 6-Brian Williams, 00:15.998; 4. 14X-Brian Reed, 00:16.030; 5. 24-Ben Williams, 00:16.157; 6. 0Z-Scott Ozborn, 00:16.178; 7. 7B-David Boardman, 00:16.195; 8. 1-Jimmy Petrie, 00:16.208[5]; 9. 21M-Billy Mitchell, 00:16.247; 10. 75-Robby Clutts, 00:16.531[1]


US Legend Cars International Bandolero Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 9-Peyton Harbison[2]; 2. 21W-Wyatt Layne[1]; 3. 7XX-Tanner Ash[10]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer[4]; 5. 12X-Mason Reed[5]; 6. 17-Elizabeth Mac Kenzie[6]; 7. 27-Maison Albright[8]; 8. 18B-Dylan Layne[7]; 9. 6-Karson Orth[9]; 10. 56-James Trimmer[3]

US Legend Cars International Bandolero Qualifying 1: 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:19.679[8]; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.198[9]; 3. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.283[10]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:20.936[5]; 5. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:21.992[1]; 6. 17-Elizabeth Mac Kenzie, 00:22.013[6]; 7. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:22.310[2]; 8. 27-Maison Albright, 00:22.344[7]; 9. 6-Karson Orth, 00:24.508[4]; 10. (DNS) 7X-Jeff Connors

US Legend Cars International Bandolero Practice 1: 1. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:19.541[5]; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.053[3]; 3. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.127[9]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:20.755[10]; 5. 17-Elizabeth Mac Kenzie, 00:21.273[6]; 6. 27-Maison Albright, 00:21.736[1]; 7. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:21.982[8]; 8. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:22.051[4]; 9. 7X-Jeff Connors, 00:23.105[2]; 10. 6-Karson Orth[7]


USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Legends Feature (30 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif[1]; 2. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker[10]; 3. 13SP-Logan Chambers[3]; 4. 92SP-Alex Roe[14]; 5. 88XP-Cody Brown[8]; 6. 20AYL-Ashton Williams[11]; 7. 34M-Scott Harbison[5]; 8. 11YL-Tanner Ash[4]; 9. 17SP-Sean Salazar[13]; 10. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone[6]; 11. 22SP-Brian Albright[9]; 12. 22CSP-Chase Burgeson[12]; 13. 17MYL-Taylor Mayhew[2]; 14. 9YL-Keaton Harbison[7]; 15. 07YL-Connor Podloski[15]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Legends Qualifying (3 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.707[14]; 2. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker, 00:16.945[3]; 3. 17MYL-Taylor Mayhew, 00:17.030[11]; 4. 13SP-Logan Chambers, 00:17.032[12]; 5. 11YL-Tanner Ash, 00:17.046[13]; 6. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.117[9]; 7. 92SP-Alex Roe, 00:17.128[10]; 8. 88XP-Cody Brown, 00:17.167[1]; 9. 20AYL-Ashton Williams, 00:17.186[2]; 10. 22CSP-Chase Burgeson, 00:17.324[5]; 11. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.344[8]; 12. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.378[4]; 13. 9YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.450[7]; 14. 07SP-Parker Heffel, 00:17.705[15]; 15. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:18.776[6]

USCLI MH Building Specialties/JBM Underground Legends Practice: 1. 9P-Tyler Reif, 00:16.738[9]; 2. 11YL-Tanner Ash, 00:16.955; 3. 13SP-Logan Chambers, 00:16.979[5]; 4. 17MYL-Taylor Mayhew, 00:17.053; 5. 92SP-Alex Roe, 00:17.069[10]; 6. 34M-Scott Harbison, 00:17.176[7]; 7. 18MSP-Keller Meechudhone[8]; 8. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.420[11]; 9. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:18.201[1]; 10. 9YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.551[6]; 11. (DNS) 88XP-Cody Brown; 12. (DNS) 2BSP-Stephen Brucker; 13. (DNS) 22CSP-Chase Burgeson; 14. (DNS) 07SP-Parker Heffel


Bullring Plate Cars Skid Plates Feature (12 Laps): 1. X-Chris Birdsong[11]; 2. 83-Jeff Dailey[9]; 3. 95-Dylan Hummel[8]; 4. 6W-Ben Williams[10]; 5. 48-Ed Shoemaker[5]; 6. 71-Rich McMahon[2]; 7. 6-AJ Hintsala[4]; 8. 7-Christina Harper[7]; 9. 4X-Cecilia Dillie[3]; 10. 10 4-Kaycee Frost[1]; 11. 24-Greg Lee[6]

Bullring Skid Plates Skid Plates Trophy Dash (6 Laps): 1. 7-Christina Harper[7]; 2. 24-Greg Lee[6]; 3. 6W-Ben Williams[10]; 4. 95-Dylan Hummel[8]; 5. 48-Ed Shoemaker[5]; 6. 83-Jeff Dailey[9]; 7. 6-AJ Hintsala[4]; 8. 71-Rich McMahon[2]; 9. 10 4-Kaycee Frost[1]; 10. 4X-Cecilia Dillie[3]; 11. (DNS) X-Chris Birdsong

Bullring Skid Plates Skid Plates Hot Laps: 1. 6W-Ben Williams, 00:30.872; 2. 7-Christina Harper, 00:31.118; 3. 48-Ed Shoemaker, 00:31.564[6]; 4. 24-Greg Lee, 00:32.392[4]; 5. 71-Rich McMahon, 00:32.751[5]; 6. 6-AJ Hintsala, 00:33.953; 7. 4X-Cecilia Dillie, 00:36.475; 8. 10 4-Kaycee Frost, 00:38.492[2]


NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Outlaw Factory Stocks Feature (25 Laps): 1. 21-Michael Miller[3]; 2. 11-Rob Pfaffly[5]; 3. 96-Pete Meyer[4]; 4. 97-Nick Lautenbach[1]; 5. 09M-Anthony Mann[6]; 6. 07M-Nick Mancari[9]; 7. 03-Stephen Irvine[8]; 8. 43-Jacob Quartaro[2]; 9. 94-Dylan Reinke[7]

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rod Outlaw Factory Stocks: 1. 96-Pete Meyer, 00:18.708; 2. 21-Michael Miller, 00:18.802; 3. 43-Jacob Quartaro, 00:18.874[3]; 4. 97-Nick Lautenbach, 00:19.003[1]; 5. 11-Rob Pfaffly, 00:19.329[2]; 6. 09M-Anthony Mann, 00:19.353; 7. 07-Vinny Raucci Jr, 00:19.737; 8. 94-Dylan Reinke, 00:20.003


NASCAR Super Stocks Super Stocks A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 64-Mike McKearn[5]; 2. 18-Colton Ray[2]; 3. 45-Don Geary[4]; 4. 1-Adam Simon[3]; 5. 49-Jason Kiser[1]; 6. 15-Gary Griffiths[6]; 7. (DNS) 60-Bill Paddack Jr

NASCAR Super Stocks Qualifying: 1. 18-Colton Ray, 00:16.833[4]; 2. 49-Jason Kiser, 00:16.891[2]; 3. 1-Adam Simon, 00:16.992[5]; 4. 45-Don Geary, 00:17.066[1]; 5. 64-Mike McKearn, 00:17.212[6]; 6. 15-Gary Griffiths, 00:17.613[7]; 7. 60-Bill Paddack Jr[3]

NASCAR Super Stocks Super Stocks Practice: 1. 18-Colton Ray, 00:17.030[5]; 2. 45-Don Geary, 00:17.044[4]; 3. (DNS) 49-Jason Kiser; 4. (DNS) 60-Bill Paddack Jr; 5. (DNS) 1-Adam Simon

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 (Starting position in [ ])


Bullring Bandoleros A Feature 1 (8 Laps): 1. 9-Peyton Harbison[2]; 2. 21W-Wyatt Layne[3]; 3. 56-James Trimmer[1]; 4. 16-Leila Trimmer[6]; 5. 27-Maison Albright[5]; 6. 18B-Dylan Layne[8]; 7. 17-Elizabeth Mac Kenzie[4]; 8. 7X-Jeff Connors[9]; 9. 12X-Mason Reed[7]; 10. 6-Karson Orth[10]

Bullring Bandoleros Hot Laps 1: 1. 56-James Trimmer, 00:20.327[9]; 2. 9-Peyton Harbison, 00:20.723[3]; 3. 21W-Wyatt Layne, 00:20.909[5]; 4. 17-Elizabeth Mac Kenzie, 00:21.149[6]; 5. 27-Maison Albright, 00:21.312[1]; 6. 16-Leila Trimmer, 00:21.682[10]; 7. 12X-Mason Reed, 00:22.254[8]; 8. 18B-Dylan Layne, 00:22.505[4]; 9. 7X-Jeff Connors, 00:23.966[2]; 10. 6-Karson Orth, 00:28.524[7]


US Legend Cars International Legend SP / YL Feature (20 Laps): 1. 9P-Tyler Reif[2]; 2. 88XP-Cody Brown[3]; 3. 92SP-Alex Roe[6]; 4. 17SP-Sean Salazar[5]; 5. 18SP-Keller Meechudhone[7]; 6. 22CSP-Chase Burgeson[4]; 7. 34M-Scott Harbison[8]; 8. 13SP-Logan Chambers[12]; 9. 9YL-Keaton Harbison[9]; 10. 22SP-Brian Albright[10]; 11. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker[1]; 12. 20SP-Parker Heffel[11]

US Legend Cars International Legend SP / YL Hot Laps 1: 1. 2BSP-Stephen Brucker, 00:16.823[2]; 2. 20SP-Parker Heffel, 00:16.989[6]; 3. 13SP-Logan Chambers, 00:17.080[4]; 4. 22CSP-Chase Burgeson, 00:17.088[3]; 5. 17SP-Sean Salazar, 00:17.130[9]; 6. 92SP-Alex Roe, 00:17.186[8]; 7. 18SP-Keller Meechudhone, 00:17.212[7]; 8. 9YL-Keaton Harbison, 00:17.325[5]; 9. 22SP-Brian Albright, 00:18.266[1]