Four Nevada motorsports legends were honored Saturday night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the theme continued later in the evening with two local racers scoring impressive features in Round 3 of the 10-race Short Track racing series at the famed 3/8-mile paved oval.

Prior to the eight features on Saturday, Richie Clyne, Michael, Gaughan, Craig Keough and Jerry Pitts, all West Coast Hall of Fame members from Nevada, were celebrated in a special drivers and Hall of Famers autograph session on the racetrack. Fans were delighted to meet former and current stars of Nevada motorsports competition at the Bullring.

On the track, local favorites Doug Hamm, the seven-time Modified track champion, and 16-year-odl Kyle Keller showed the way in their respective divisions Saturday with main event victories.

Hamm, the pole sitter, drove his No. 4X to the front at the drop of the green flag and never looked back in scoring his second consecutive NASCAR Mojave Construction 602 Modifieds 40-lap feature Saturday over Eric Rhead in the No. 5 machine. Winning by 2.427 seconds, Hamm held off any challenge mounted by Rhead. Third went to Kyle Jacks, early season winner Justin Johnson and local favorite Chris Trickle.

“This was an awesome race,” said Hamm, leading flag to flag in the 40-lapper. “This new motor has been on fire lately with two wins in a row. We popped an engine awhile back and, Chris Bray lent me this motor. I am very excited tonight for having a crowd to race for as well as my family and friends in the Stockyards. Have a good one for me. Thanks so much.”

Keller, the fast-rising teenager racer from Las Vegas, drove his No. 12K to an impressive feature victory in the 40-lap NASCAR Sigma Performance Service Pro Late Model main event with a 0.921-second win over 15-year-old Tanner Reif of Las Vegas and former series champion Chris Clyne. Reif led the feature for the first 35 circuits before Keller slid inside in turn three, winning the third Pro Late Model main of the 2120 season. Fourth went to April race winner Jeffrey Peterson and fifth to 16-year-old R. J. Smotherman of Pahrump, Nev. Clyne returned to action Saturday night with a 20-year-old car.

“We have been out racing at several California tracks including Madera Speedway,” said Keller. “It was a tight race for much of the event. Tanner (Reif) led for most of the race, and I waited to find my spot to pass him. I was able to slide inside and get the lead in turn three. It’s great to win back at the Bullring.”

It was a doubleheader program for the NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rods Bombers division Saturday night as Adam Simon battled Court Connell for the win in the first 25-lapper. Simon took the lead on lap 19 and held off Michael Miller by 0.509 seconds with Connell third.

In the nightcap, Jacob Quartaro fought off Miller and captured his first Bomber feature of the 2021 Bullring Short Track series. Quartaro drove his No. 44 car to the checkered flag by just 0.340 seconds over Miller in the No. 21 machine and Pete Meyer in the No. 96.

“Michael gave me a good run in the second race tonight,” said Quartaro. “We had some good racing in both events. I hope the fans enjoyed the action.”

Connell, a past track champion, jumped back in the Super Stock category Saturday and took the victory in No. 4X machine after a battle with Mike McKearn and Robert Schumacher.

“It’s been a couple of years since I have driven this car,” said Connell. Sam and Kyle Jacks have driven the last few years and it was fun tonight to get back in the car and to win.”

Veteran Dustin Ash of Las Vegas came back to the Bullring after traveling around the country in a variety of series. The multi-time race winner at the 3/8-mile paved oval north of Las Vegas returned to victory lane Saturday in the USCLI M & H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Legends Cars 25-lap main event. Ash took the lead on lap five and pulled away for the 1.706-second win over Jordon Holloway, Enzo Lalama, Branden Giannini and Amilio Thomson.

“It feels great to be back at the Bullring,” said Ash. “I have always loved driving in the Legends class. These cars are so much fun to drive.”

In the 12-lap USCLI Bandoleros Bandits main event, 12-year-old female racer Quinn Davis of Tucson, AZ, scored her first feature victory in her popular No. 12D machine as the sixth grader grabbed the lead on the opening lap and held off two-time Legends winner Ashton Leonard. Davis took the checkered flag by 0.570 second over Leonard with third going to Keller Meechudone.

“I managed to keep the car in one piece tonight and we got the win,” said Davis. “We haven’t had much luck here in the past few races, so it’s nice to take it to the finish and get the victory.”

In the popular 15-lap Slid Plate finale, Dennis Dowell of Las Vegas came from behind to upend the mysterious ‘Racer X” and April race winner Ben Williams.    

NEXT RACE: On Saturday, May 29, the annual Memorial Day Short Track Classic returns to the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with fourth round of 2021 ten-race series featuring the regular categories beginning at 7 p.m. Gates will open at 5:00 p.m. with qualifying set for 5:15 p.m. Opening ceremonies will take place at 6:45 p.m. Children 12 and under will be admitted free with a ticketed adult through the 2021 Bullring season. Tickets may be purchased in advance by visiting or calling the LVMS ticket office at 800-644-4444 or online at

Championship Race #3 at The Bullring at LVMS
Saturday, May 15, 2021

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rods Bombers 25-lap feature -- RACE 1
1.Adam Simon; 2. Michael Miller (-0.509 seconds); 3. Court Connell (-2.003); 4. Jacob Quartaro (-3.944); 5.Pete Meyer (-6.474); 6.Robert Rea (-14.314); 7. Dylan Reinke (-20.534); 8.Steve Durbin (-2 laps); 9. Carl Duryee (-19 laps); 10.Tia Guy (-23 laps).

USCLI Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature
1.Quinn Davis; 2. Ashton Leonard (-.570 seconds); 3.Keller Meechudhone (-4.417); 4. Logan Gresser (-8.425); 5. Tanner Ash (-2 laps).

NASCAR Skid Plate 15-lap feature
1.Dennis Dowell; 2. RACER X (-1.407 seconds); 3.Ben Williams (-5.276); 4.R.J. Smotherman (-25.217); 5. Larry Dowell (-1 lap); 6.Dylin Smotherman (-3 laps).

USCLI M & H Building Specialists/JBM Underground Legends 25-lap feature
1.Dustin Ash ; 2.Jordon Holloway (-1.706 seconds); 3.Enzo Lalama (-2.284) 4.Branden Giannini (-2.359)   ; 5.Amileo Thomson (-5.625); 6.Cody Brown; (-6.274);; 7.Bruce Silver (-11.465); Jeff Regler  (-6.301); 8.Brendan Tracy (-16.047); 9. Chloe Lynch (-1 lap) 10.Landon Gresser (-1 lap); 11.Roxali Kamper (-1 lap).

Super Stock 15-lap feature
1.Court Connell; 2.Mike McKearn (-1.115 seconds); 3.Robert Schumacher (-8.115); 4.David Quartero (-8.422); 5.Antohny Mann -16.076).

NASCAR Sigma Performance Services Pro Late Models Feature 35-lap feature
1.Kyle Keller; 2.Tanner Reif (-0.921 seconds); 3.Chris Clyne (-1.353); 4. Jeffrey Peterson (-17.38); 5.R.J. Smotherman (-3.280); 6.Jimmy Parkers Jr. (-3.591); 7.Jaron Giannini (-4.758); 8.David Anderson (-6.087); 9.Johnny Spilatro (-15.145); 10.Scott Gaffrini (-1 lap); 11. Cody Kiemele (-1 lap)); 12.Jason Kiser (-1 lap); 13.Houston Simonette (-1 lap); 14. Matt Frady (-1 lap); 15.Eric Martin (-11 laps).

NASCAR 602 Mojave Construction Modified 40-lap feature
1.Doug Hamm; 2.Eric Rhead (-2.427 seconds); 3. Kyle Jacks (-3.701) 4. Justin Johnson; (-4.080); 5.Chris Trickle (-4.501); 6.Scott Osborne (-11.172); 7.Sam Jacks (-14.090); 8.Kayli Barker (-1 lap); 9.Ron Reed (-1 lap); 10.Billy Mitchell (-1 lap); 11.Brian Williams (-9 lap); 12.Jim Petrie (-32 laps).

NASCAR Nostalgia Street Rods Bombers 25-lap feature – RACE 2
1.Jacob Quartaro; 2. Michael Miller (-0.340); 3.Pete Meyer (-5.783); 4.Dylan Reinke (-12.612); 5.Adam Simon (-13 laps); 6.Robert Rea (-13 laps); 7.Carl Duryee (-14 laps); 8.Steve Durbin (-25 laps); 9.Court Connell (-25 laps); 10.Tia Guy (-25 laps).